Yuri Kendrick

Yuri Kendrick
Yuri Kendrick is a native Texan and has called the Greater Austin area home for most of her life. She is unashamedly a follower of Christ and a devoted wife to her favorite human and hubbeau, Tay. Together they are nurturing four beautiful souls, this she believes is her greatest honor in this life. She is a freelance creative, a worship leader, and a willing advocate for any cause that helps us all love one another better. Yuri loves so many things but maybe nothing more than a good laugh, a good meal and good conversation and she rightfully rejoices in the occasion that they occur simultaneously. Whether speaking or writing, she prides herself on being a genuine and conscious sharer. It is her heart's desire to be ever-evolving in her journeys with a passion to be both the “Salt and Light” along the way.

BEyond MLK Day- LIVE the Dream

The 2023 theme for MLK Day was “Together, We Can Be THE Dream” and I wholeheartedly agree and want all of us to feel empowered to do the same, so here are some ideas...

Grandparents:The Generational Gift

Butterscotch and Cinnamon Discs, Caramels and Green Peppermints- these are the sweet memories of my grandparents’ candy dish. I remember when I finally saw a Werther’s commercial, it featured a man who was sharing...

Sisterhood: In Retrospect

 “Sisterhood is a Journey” -Unknown In July of 1984, I came into the world (honorably so of course) to be the belated 1st birthday gift to a little girl who otherwise would have lived a...

Motherhood: The Honor, The Duty, The Beauty of it All

Sometimes we can get caught up in the tasks of motherhood and we miss the moments of awe that are right in front of us. A mother's love liberates. -Maya Angelou The Honor Being a Mother is...

Having Twins | Twice the Miracle- Twice the Mission

"Double-Double- This- This, Double- Double That-That" has so far proven to be the most accurate and timeless answer to "What's it like having twins"? None of us can deny that there seems to be an...

How to Have a Mindful Halloween

How to Have a Mindful Halloween | To me, practically speaking, being mindful means constantly learning, unlearning and relearning myself and how my choices impact those in my communities. Mindfulness has to be an...

Grit and Grace to Gold : Our Champion, Tamyra Mensah-Stock

’Oh my gosh, look at us representing" These words were spoken affectionately on a world wrestling stage between sisters- not bound by blood, yet still predesigned to share a sisterhood by their two most identifiable...

Juneteenth and How You Can Celebrate

So What IS Juneteenth about? “Freedom Day” – The Emancipation from Slavery for African-Americans in Texas. Being a true Texas girl, I’ve celebrated this holiday with my family and our church and local communities my...

Friendships 2.0

“Alright class, we have a new friend joining us today, let’s all say hello and make her feel welcome" “We are all friends here, let’s take turns sharing” “Our kids are the same...

Meet Yuri Kendrick, Texas-born and bred

Hey Y’all, I’m Yuri Kendrick. Texas-born and bred. My soul is fed with laughter, music, oh… and bread! Cornbread, Sweet bread, Garlic bread, you get it! Blessed to have been able to hear it...