8 Ways to Improve Your Parent-Child Relationship

As a mom, do you ever feel like if one of your little people complains one more time, you may literally morph into a wolf beast and join your pack with Jacob Black in the Twilight series? It’s that feeling that your life and parent-child relationships are out of control, and you’re unraveling with it.  […]

Simple Living in the New Year


If I have learned anything from 2020, it is to enjoy the small things and practice gratitude each day. At the end of each year, I plan how I want my upcoming new year to look. In 2021, I want to create a simple, peaceful life. I want a life where I enjoy being productive […]

Hair Loss, Fatigue, or Weight Gain? | National Thyroid Awareness Month

I would’ve scrolled passed this thyroid article with ease a few years back. Taking in the general title and thinking it wasn’t applicable, sending the information away. It sounds like something my mother would read and send me in an email chain 🙄 However, I wish I could stand in front of that version of […]

Texas’ Compassionate Use Program: Providing Medical Cannabis to Patients Across Our State

Sponsored By :: Texas OriginalOn February 8, 2018, I had the honor of being the first person in Texas to legally purchase low-THC medical cannabis from one of the three licensed and operating dispensaries in our state, Compassionate Cultivation. I purchased it for my son, Miles, who qualified because of his intractable epilepsy-the only medical […]

Try a “Non-Diet” in 2021 to Lose Weight

Your neighbor lost weight eating paleo and you sister-in-law swears by Keto. Have you tried intermittent fasting yet? It’s all the rage. What about Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and have you heard of Noom? How about trying a “Non-Diet” in 2021 to lose weight? Confused, exhausted, and sometimes hungry is how most people feel just […]

Best Planners for 2021


This year for Christmas, my husband bought me a new planner- best gift ever! I love things that give me the illusion of control of my life- planners, colored pens, stickers, to-do lists…a stationery store is my dream! Still, heading into 2021, after the, shall we say, unique year that was 2020, I will handle […]

Lumi, the Must Have Magical Item to Help Teach Your Baby to Sleep


This post is sponsored by Lumi by Pampers. All opinions are my own. Becoming a parent, for the first, second or even fifth time is like entering a whole other world, one where everything is new. And while it is exciting to start a new chapter in life, it can also be a lot to […]

Packing Away the Baby Chapter

Some old burp cloths almost made me cry today. I spotted them, tucked away in a basket in the living room, and realized I don’t need them there anymore, ready to grab at the first sign of spit-up. No one has frantically yelled, “Toss me a burp cloth!” in our house in months. Have you […]

14 Things To Do With the Kids in January in Austin

The holidays are over. The kids are back in school. The nights are long. The weather is cold. The month of January can be somewhat depressing for both adults and kids; however, there is no need to let those feelings fester. Combat the winter blues with these ideas for what to do in January with […]

Reflecting on the Positive Things from 2020


I remember the day in March quite vividly as I’m sure many of you do too. I called my husband and told him that I thought it best we keep our kiddos home from school until we were able to get a grasp on the severity of what was happening with this new virus. He […]