9 Personal Tips for Baby Safety Awareness Month

When I first discovered I was going to be a mom, we lived in a studio apartment in Round Rock TX: boxes from my recent move from NM, took up half of the living room. Obviously this wasn’t going to work long term, especially when the baby started moving around, but I started researching tricks […]

My Five Tips on Raising A Salad Lover

Are you a salad person? I pretty much live for leafy greens!!! I dream up yummy flavor combinations and think of how different textures, temperatures and colors will blend together in a big ole bowl of greens!! A bowl of greens is basically my version of #selfcare in a bowl! A notion I’ve really enjoyed […]

Should Your Middle Schooler Have A Cell Phone?


My daughter starting asking for a cell phone when she was in the 3rd grade. To my surprise, several of her elementary classmates already had phones. Most were just hand-me-down phones that only played games or enabled messaging services over Wi-Fi, but a few had actual phone service and the latest IPhone to boot. In […]

How to Prepare Your Home For Fall/Winter | Natran Organic Pest Control


Sponsored By :: Natran Organic Pest ControlHow to Prepare Your Home For Fall/Winter With Natran Organic Pest Control. AUSTIN’S BEST IN GREEN PEST CONTROL. We’re proud to service the people and communities of Austin with or plant-based, effective pest control. Preparing for fall and winter here in Texas looks pretty different from some of our […]

Why We Celebrate All the Grandparents


This first Sunday after Labor Day {in this case, September 12}, we are excited to celebrate the amazing Grandparents in our lives for National Grandparents Day! My mom always made sure we called our grandparents on this day growing up, maybe because it became an official Holiday the year my brother was born, the first […]

Suicide Prevention Month


September is Suicide Prevention Month and as parents we need to be educated about the risk factors and warning signs of youth suicide. While it’s wonderful we have a month to bring awareness to it, suicide prevention is something that moms need to be aware of, educated on, and open to discussing all year long. […]

Guide to Jewelry in Austin

/* custom css */ .tdi_3_6e1{ min-height: 0; } /* custom css */ .tdi_5_b6a{ vertical-align: baseline; } The Diamond Room Our model of the “upstairs jeweler” references an era when your personal, small-town jeweler worked in an upstairs shop on the main street of the town. The experience was personalized, relaxed and enjoyable. That’s us … [...]

Loving My Postpartum Body -ody-ody

Seven years old. That was the first time I grabbed my belly in front of the mirror. I did not want to have a pool party and I certainly didn’t want to wear a bathing suit called the “In-Betweener.” Self-doubt and body shaming continued to stalk me through adolescence and adulthood. I’ve been “too skinny,” […]

10 Practical Tips :: Teaching Teens About Driver Safety

For years you’ve dreaded this moment and have done your best to mentally prepare yourself to teach teach driver safety to your teen. The thought of your teenager sitting behind the wheel of one of the family’s most valuable assets probably makes you feel uncomfortable. RELATED READING :: Precious Cargo – Traveling With Kids by […]

Is It Possible to Surrender to Control?


It is safe to say that we have all been in situations where we desperately tried to manage the outcome, or how other people reacted to certain situations. Being in control can be stressful and overwhelming. I know personally because I used to be the type that tried to manage everything in my life, and […]