Do as I Say and Not as I Do (eh…Did)…


First comes love then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage. That’s the age old saying, right? Well our story went a little more like this…first came love then came a baby then came marriage and we never had a carriage. Matt and I are were elated (once the shock from 7 […]

If You Build It…The Baby Will Have a Room!

Finding out you’re going to be a father is a huge milestone and your mind immediately begins to race as you think of your new “To Do List.” First up after telling friends and family is deciding where the baby’s room will be.  Some families already have a spare room which can be easily converted […]

Anderson Mill West Park

One of my favorite things about Austin is the amazing selection of parks.  We live in Northwest Austin–Canyon Creek area and just a few miles from Anderson Mill West Park located on El Salido Parkway directly across from Cypress Elementary School.  For those of you who live within a 5-10 mile radius of this park […]

Monogram Pumpkin Craft

With Halloween right around the corner, you cannot deny a cute pumpkin!! I absolutely love decorating with pumpkins and almost always buy at least one every time I’m at the store – one year, I had 14 pumpkins floating around my house… a bit much, but I just love them! Here is a super easy, […]

Looking Fresh in 5 Minutes

Did you look at the clock today, see that it was 2 pm, and realize you hadn’t brushed your teeth yet? Yeah that happens to me all the time! I know it sounds gross and my non-mommy friends didn’t understand it until they became mommies, but seriously, it’s so easy to do! So if we […]

Movie Review: I Don’t Know How She Does It

No worries there aren’t any spoilers in this review. Photo Courtesy My hubby and I went to see Sarah Jessica Parker’s newest movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” on Saturday (9/17/11).  We went it to it with a positive attitude despite the terrible reviews.  I love Sarah Jessica Parker, I was introduced […]

Worth It Wednesday: Sound Machine

Who wants their baby to sleep effortlessly while you bang dishes in the kitchen, watch your favorite movie with surround sound, flush the toilet that’s right outside your kid’s bedroom, or even cheer on your favorite sports team? Basically who wants to continue to live life loudly while their baby sleeps soundly? Well I know […]

Workin’ on My Mommy Fitness!

Long before I found out we were pregnant one of my biggest fears about pregnancy was how it would affect not only my body but my fit lifestyle. You see it wasn’t for vanity’s sake; it was for sanity’s sake. (Okay so I was a bit worried about the size of my booty or turning […]

Giveaway: Texas Stars Hockey

Congratulations to Kesa Larson for winning the GORGEOUS Silpada earrings! SCORE! He shoots, he scores!! Photo courtesy Hockey fan? Or maybe not but you’re looking for something different to do with the family. Well, do we have the giveaway for you. We’ve secured four (4) tickets to an upcoming Texas Stars Hockey game! The […]

Making Dinner in Less Than 30 Minutes, Mack Style.

“What’s for dinner?” Oi, it’s the dreaded phrase I hear when my husband comes home. He still can’t seem to understand that I’m able to go a full 10 hours at home and still not have dinner planned. Regardless of whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom, it’s still difficult to […]