No One Knows I Gave My First Born Up For Adoption

No One Knows I Gave My First Born Up For Adoption There are many view points on adoption, both positive and negative, but I feel like the ones that matter come from the adoptive parents,...

Top Places In Austin To Adopt A Pet

Top Places In Austin To Adopt A Pet Adopting a pet can be an incredible experience for the whole family. Adding a furry (or not so furry!) friend to the mix shouldn’t be a spontaneous...

Did You Know May is National Foster Care Month?

Why are you adopting through foster care? That seems so...hard. I know what you're thinking- wow, adopting through the foster care system sounds meaningful and like a worthy calling, but I just don't think that...
Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

30 Things Our Dogs Teach Our Kids {Adopt a Shelter Pet Day}

How to Train a Dog? Google it and 13.8 million results appear including countless dog trainers because of people like me who are not very good at it. The other day I had a contrarian thought as I...

I Am (Still) Infertile

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week and this year the focus is to #flip the script and serves a reminder that ANYONE can be challenged in creating a family. Talking about it is...

Meet Tricia Noyola

Tricia Noyola My story began at an Eagles concert in 1983, where my parents conceived me after jamming out to a night of sweet seventies rock. This auspicious start would be an omen of things...
family enough

Is My Family Enough?

It happens every time I attend a party… full of 30 something women. Most of them moms of at least one at this point. Sipping our coffee, mimosa, cocktail, or glass of wine… the...
Elora Ramirez

Meet Elora Ramirez

Hi. My name is Elora Nicole Ramirez, and I've been telling stories my whole life. Some of my earliest memories include reading Dr. Seuss books to the point I knew them by heart, editing...

Meet Beth Ward

Hey, hey Austin Mamas!  I’m Beth Ward, lover of butter coffee, wine, shoes and all things Kendra Scott and mama to 2 adorable little girls, Harper and Emmy.  I live in SW Austin with...
National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month: Bound to be Together

In celebration of National Adoption Month, I talked with some good friends of mine about how adoption has touched their lives. They graciously allowed me to share their story. The Illig Family: Carl Illig was not...