Favorite Diverse Board Books Featuring Faces of Color

As part of my commitment to raising race-conscious children, I’ve been diversifying our bookshelves—purchasing and checking out books from the library that feature faces and characters from all different races and ethnicities. I want...
Independent Play

How to Encourage Independent Play in Your Children

Back when I was a new mom, I thought I had to play with my baby all the time. Even if my son was content, I felt guilty when I left him playing on...

March is Trisomy Awareness Month

The month of March recognizes many holidays, but did you know March is also Trisomy Awareness Month? Trisomy is possibly a term you heard during early pregnancy, or for some not at all. It...

Ways to Help Your Partner Connect During Your Pandemic Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be so isolating. Pregnancy during a pandemic is on a whole different level. A usually exciting time spent celebrating with loved ones is really shaken up when your partner can’t even attend...

10 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Do you have a new baby on the way? Whether it be your first or tenth pregnancy, we’ve all heard the “advice” from well intentioned friends. But, with so much advice out there, how...

Best Friends & Rainbow Babies Through Pregnancy Loss | UT Health

A story of how two women were brought together over recurrent pregnancy loss  Kim and Julia weren’t best friends in college, they didn’t meet at a book club, or even through mutual friends at a...

My Preeclampsia Birth Story: From Plan-A to Emergency C-Section

Here we are in 2021 a year that’s started to be just as weird as the previous year and somehow a few short weeks ago I officially have a five-year-old. It's just dizzying to...
packing away the baby chapter

Packing Away the Baby Chapter

Some old burp cloths almost made me cry today. I spotted them, tucked away in a basket in the living room, and realized I don’t need them there anymore, ready to grab at the...
Gender Reveal

Socially Distant Gender Reveal Parties (that won’t burn down a forest)

Gender reveal parties have become almost as common as baby showers, and during a world-wide pandemic, parents-to-be may feel like they're missing out. Confetti cannons and colored cupcakes with all of your closest friends...

Pregnancy + Smart Devices… What To Know To Protect Your Baby

Behavioral difficulties in children are becoming more common these days, little did moms know this could start as early as pregnancy and they only had to look as far as their smart devices. As...