5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known When Having a Miscarriage

5 Things I Wish I Would've Known When Having a Miscarriage | You didn't do anything to cause this. You can be older or younger. Black or white. Fit or fat. Rich or poor....

My Husband is Capable of Taking Care of the Home Too

My Husband is Capable of Taking Care of the Home Too | My house is a mess, my daughter is teething while very clinging, the dog is driving me crazy with her random barking,...

Life Lessons Learned from my Ectopic Pregnancy

Like many difficult things in life, distance from my ectopic pregnancy has given me perspective. Time has passed and I am able to articulate my emotions around it and even find purpose in doing...

Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

How to Naturally Increase Your Fertility | For those that don’t know my story, we’ve been through the ringer with trying to increase fertility; let me save you a buck and years of your...

My Birth Plan is Not to Plan, Anything Can Happen!”

Elevated blood pressure, PVCs, a Disney villain-worthy cardiologist, and multiple scans are just a few things that scrambled my perfectly curated (and color coordinated) birth plan. Often I would lie through my teeth and...

Reclaiming Meaning for Motherhood Despite Childloss

My first Mother’s Day as a new mom started with ice cream and a massage at 39 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. It ended with my incredible doula and amazing nurses at Seton preparing me...

What To Expect As Your Kids Grow Up

Well, I might not be an expert in the area of "what to expect as your kids grow up", but I have managed to keep two small humans alive for over a decade each,...
Starting Pre School

Sending a Pandemic Baby to School (For the First Time!)

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence." – Dr. Maria Montessori | These words have never been more real to me as when we...

Your Pregnant Belly is not Weird & It’s Probably Perfectly Normal

No matter what you look like while pregnant, your pregnant belly is not weird. It's probably perfectly normal. My pregnant belly was huge. I’ll just admit it. Prior to my pregnancy, I’d read so many articles...
toddler tantrums

I Thought I Knew My Parenting Style, But Tantrums Changed Me

Toddler tantrums. Let’s talk about it. We are officially in the tantrum phase and let me tell you, it has challenged every single parenting philosophy I thought I believed in. Before you become a...