packing away the baby chapter

Packing Away the Baby Chapter

Some old burp cloths almost made me cry today. I spotted them, tucked away in a basket in the living room, and realized I don’t need them there anymore, ready to grab at the...
Gender Reveal

Socially Distant Gender Reveal Parties (that won’t burn down a forest)

Gender reveal parties have become almost as common as baby showers, and during a world-wide pandemic, parents-to-be may feel like they're missing out. Confetti cannons and colored cupcakes with all of your closest friends...

Pregnancy + Smart Devices… What To Know To Protect Your Baby

Behavioral difficulties in children are becoming more common these days, little did moms know this could start as early as pregnancy and they only had to look as far as their smart devices. As...
Sibling Bond

A Bright Side of Being Stuck at Home? Growing the Sibling Bond

If you’re like me, you’re looking for silver linings these days as hard as you’re looking for the morning’s abandoned cup of coffee at nap-time. We all know the struggles and anxieties we have...

Why I’m Saying “No!” to ALL the Extracurricular Activities

I want to start this post with a warning/confession: my only child is only 20 months, so in some ways, the following words are coming from a still-fresh new mom who still has the...
frustrated children

Are We Raising Frustrated Children?

As soon as I became a mother, I became a statistician, okay not really, but the amount of numerical data you must keep track of is incredible. I was expected to track everything my...

My toddler’s 20 months old. Yes, I’m still breastfeeding.

It's been a while since I wrote... anything. Between the quarantine, feeling like I had nothing to write about, not having time to write because I have a toddler at home and am working...
Potty Training

Mama Didn’t Raise No Chiflada: A Potty Training Tale

I’ve spent the last year trying various different potty training tactics on my three-year-old son. I’m talking, letting him be naked all day, giving him a piece of candy every time he had a...
A Letter to My Last Child

To My Last Child – This is it.

Ok, I get it. You’re not a baby anymore. While I know that’s true with every fiber in my being, when I look at you, I can still see it. To my last child......

I never expected to lose so many friends after becoming a parent

Chances are if you announce you’re pregnant, you will be inundated with unsolicited advice. People will tell you how to sleep, how to feed your baby, how to lose baby weight and pretty much...