stylish daughter

My Daughter Is Way More Stylish Than Me

I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. In the early 90s, I wore bandannas as belts, vests over everything, and combat boots with sundresses. I hoarded used Vogue magazines under my...
fall style

How to Dress for Fall in the Texas Heat

Fall in Texas has got to be the most welcomed season of the year. After a long, hot and humid summer, nearly everyone is looking out for those first crisp cool signs of Fall....
quick halloween costumes

10 Last-Minute Parent and Child DIY Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween, I enjoy the costumes, the decorating and the trick-or-treating. If there is a fall festival or Halloween party near me, I will be attending in costume. When I found out I was...
My kid dresses better than me

My Son Dresses Better Than I Do: A Tale of Lost Fashion Sense

It happened quietly while I wasn’t looking. I didn’t mean for it to happen. For goodness sake I used to work at a very popular retail store while I was in college. But, as...
buying more for my kids

Confession: I Only Buy Things for My Kids

Back in high school and college, the most important things on my mind were where I was going Friday night and what I was going to wear to said event. I treated myself to...

The Shoes Every Gal Needs in Her Closet – Mox Shoes

Every gal deserves a perfect pair of shoes in her closet that are not only cute, comfy, and chic, but that will also go with everything!  tween A girl ages about 9-14...too old for toys, but...
girl moms

Girl Moms: Pressure For Daughters To Be Perfect

Where are all my girl moms at? Lately it seems that #boymom posts are all the rage. As a proud girl mom of two I scroll through these posts and ask myself how much...
my kid loves pjs

The War on Pants: My Kid Loves PJs

I love those heartfelt chats with my momma friends when we admit we had so many ideas on the things we would “never” do or allow as parents… and we absolutely do or allow them...
swimsuit challenged

For the Swimsuit-Shopping Challenged

Swim suit shopping. Oh no. It’s that time of year. That time when you realize you didn’t quite keep up with your New Year’s resolution and, oh crap! It’s hot outside. It’s officially swimsuit-shopping...
Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no time better time than the present to find the perfect gift for the hard-working mommas in your life! Here’s a cheat sheet with some...

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