ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD Awareness Month. For those who have children diagnosed with ADHD or who have a diagnosis themselves understand how important it is to bring awareness, to this often, misunderstood diagnosis. has a...

To the Mama I Thought I “Should” Be

Dear Mama, I thought you were “the one.” I even told my friends about you. I looked up to you, and everything I thought you were, and looked forward to being just like you. It...

Is It Possible to Surrender to Control?

It is safe to say that we have all been in situations where we desperately tried to manage the outcome, or how other people reacted to certain situations. Being in control can be stressful...
Mixed Race Household

Raising Children in a Mixed Race Household

Raising Children in a Mixed Race Household | Children are such little sponges. They pick up on everything and copy what us adults and their peers do. What happens when we mix cultures, races, ethnicities,...

Catch this week’s supermoon, biggest and brightest of the year

A supermoon rises in the sky this week, looking to be the biggest and brightest of the year. Not only will the moon be closer to Earth than usual, it will also be a full moon....

Meet Yuri Kendrick, Texas-born and bred

Hey Y’all, I’m Yuri Kendrick. Texas-born and bred. My soul is fed with laughter, music, oh… and bread! Cornbread, Sweet bread, Garlic bread, you get it! Blessed to have been able to hear it...

From Our Community: Thank You, H-E-B

H-E-B is a company that understands its consumers. For us Texas folks, H-E-B is our family store. Since 1905, H-E-B has taken care of our community. As a customer of 10 years, I have...
Belinda Mays

Meet Belinda Mays: Author, Caregiver, and Mom in Tech

Hello, my name is Belinda Mays and I am the mom of 3 opinionated and strong willed kiddos whom I have affectionately dubbed them the "A Team". Adrielle, the leader of the team, is my...

I Have A 504 Meeting For My Kid…Help!

Approximately 2.8 million children in the United States are diagnosed with a disability- a physical, mental, or emotional impairment.  Researchers believe the true number is much higher, as many children are not diagnosed until...

Teaching Children to Celebrate Differences

Everyday I am reminded that the world my daughter is growing up in is completely different than the world I grew up in. While there have been so many things that have happened in...