Show and Tell Ideas, A-Z

Show and Tell. It's a great thing. It gives your child the opportunity to practice public speaking skills. It encourages creativity. A sense of pride. Kids learn from each other. It's something to look...
Austin Moms Blog | OneDay is Great for the Holidays

Remembering that Holiday Cheer OneDay

Have you used the OneDay App yet?  If not, I would recommend that you add it to your smartphone and start filming!  The best part is that it is FREE! This app is great for...
Holiday Gift Guide | Austin Moms Blog | Local Austin Gifts

Austin Moms Blog Holiday Gift Guide

It's here! The holidays couldn't be complete without a thorough and mostly LOCAL gift guide from us to you.   We stalked our favorite brands from local retailers to Etsy sellers and smaller online shops to...

8 Signs You’re Getting Old

  The other day I was sitting in my car waiting for the right time to get out and pick up my kids from preschool.  I watched as other moms arrived and walked towards the...

Eating for Two vs. Two Times as Healthy

I hear alot of expectant mamas, new mamas, and even veteran mamas say, "I'll do things different with the next pregnancy". They've realized that they may have either overindulged, or even underindulged in their first...