Should Your Middle Schooler Have A Cell Phone?

My daughter starting asking for a cell phone when she was in the 3rd grade. To my surprise, several of her elementary classmates already had phones. Most were just hand-me-down phones that only played...

Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month and as parents we need to be educated about the risk factors and warning signs of youth suicide. While it’s wonderful we have a month to bring awareness to...

Is It Possible to Surrender to Control?

It is safe to say that we have all been in situations where we desperately tried to manage the outcome, or how other people reacted to certain situations. Being in control can be stressful...
Social Media

Filters, Social Media & Mental Health

Every year for Christmas, my daughter and I flip through Snapchat filters to send some holiday cheer to relatives via social media. Sometimes we look like reindeer or elves, but all the time we...

Friendship in Your Thirties: The Sweet Spot

When you’ve made it to friendship in your thirties, you’ve done just that...made it. By now you’ve done a pretty good job weeding through the fakes and fairweathers to assemble an A+ lineup. These...
Golden Hour

Hey Mama, What is the Golden Hour of Your Week?

What is the Golden Hour of Your Week? On the day of my wedding, the sunset was at exactly 8:01 pm.  I know that for two reasons. First, before I even knew what an engagement ring...
mom friends

How to Make Mom Friends When You’re New in Town

When you are a first-time mom with a newborn, you realize just how much you don’t know, how much research you have to do to take care of a baby, and how isolating motherhood...
Austin Housing Market

Navigating The Austin Housing Market – Tips For Buyers and Sellers

The Austin housing market is on fire! Here are three tips for both buyers and sellers. RELATED READING :: Selling a Home... With a Toddler I was working from home full-time when my husband got a...

6 Books to Read This Summer

Summer, Summer, Summer Time! Let's just sit back and unwind! Okay, I love that song! There are so many ways to unwind during this season but one of my most favorite ways to chill...

Budgeting Tricks that Don’t Apply to Large Families

While most of the old-hat budgeting hacks still apply to large families if you get creative with them, there are a few budgeting tricks that don’t apply to large families. Shopping. For anything....