fall freezer meals

Fall Freezer Meals

  It's fall y'all!! Pull out the scarves, boots, and pumpkin spice! Ok, so maybe it's wishful thinking on the fashion choices since it is still hot around here... BUT now is a great time to...

A Few Family Favorites…recipes, that is!

A couple of days ago my grandmother sent out an email to our family suggesting that we start compiling our favorite recipes to make a family cookbook.  My sister jumped on it and offered...

Happy To Go Without Grains

Happy To Go Without Grains February 21st is National Grain Free Day. This is a pretty big deal in our family since I follow a ketogenic diet and my entire family eats a lower-carb, high-fat...
Independent Play

How to Encourage Independent Play in Your Children

Back when I was a new mom, I thought I had to play with my baby all the time. Even if my son was content, I felt guilty when I left him playing on...
Austin Moms Blog, Healthy Eating, 10 Ways for Kids to Eat Healthy

10 Tips to Healthy Eating For Kids

Getting kids to eat healthy or to eat at all can be a daunting task. I’m lucky that my oldest daughter is one the most adventurous eaters I know. She will try anything once...

Postpartum: Remembering to Breathe

My husband gently reached over to me, lunging a baby towards me. It was 3 AM. I had just fed him at 2 AM. Shaking my head, I thought to myself, “No.  No.  No. ...

Therapist Approved Teethers For Multiple Developmental Levels

Therapist Approved Teethers For Multiple Developmental Levels Teething can be rough! And, many parents have been left wondering what to do for their babies with painful, swollen gums after many frequently used teething gels (e.g....

Pumping at Work: Tips & Tricks

So, most of you fellow veteran moms would probably agree with me when I say: pumping is a total drag! After my son was born I battled major oversupply (as in mastitis three times...

To wean or not to wean? That (for real) is the question!

Okay, so you all probably know by now that my baby, Finn, recently turned one.  Which was my breastfeeding goal. First off, let me say - I.  Am.  Proud. With Hudson, I didn't make it nearly...

Supersize…the Kids?

Ashlee blogged earlier this month about parental pet peeves.  My contribution? When parents bring total crap food for school parties. I probably sound a little bit anal with that one {and my husband would totally agree}....