Therapist Approved Teethers For Multiple Developmental Levels

Therapist Approved Teethers For Multiple Developmental Levels Teething can be rough! And, many parents have been left wondering what to do for their babies with painful, swollen gums after many frequently used teething gels (e.g....

Why Teethers Are For More Than Just Teething

Why Teethers Are For More Than Just Teething Parents often go to the store in a rush to buy a teether once their baby starts showing some of the signs of teething: drooooooling, disrupted sleep...
toddler cooking

The Joy of (Toddler) Cooking

I hope you didn't come here looking for a solution to your toddler's eating strike or expecting step-by-step instructions for baby-led weaning. I'm sure there are super helpful articles on this blog about both...
Quick Breakfasts

Easy and Quick Breakfasts for Kids

Even though I consider myself to be a morning person, I still struggle to figure out what to cook/reheat/unpackage for breakfast each day. Right now my go-to's are usually convenient, not super creative, and...

Breastfeeding Didn’t Come Naturally, and I Wasn’t Okay

When my newborn son wouldn’t breastfeed, I completely unraveled: breastfeeding didn't come naturally. I had planned to nurse him for his first year and simply would not accept that this might not happen. The...
Excited to Stop Breastfeeding

Reasons Why I’m Excited to Stop Breastfeeding

After the pregnancy test confirmed my suspicions there were so many decisions I needed to make. When do I tell my husband? Should I get a doula? What type of birthing classes did I...
nursing bra

Life in a Nursing Bra

With the birth of my second child on Feb. 1st, life has transitioned in many ways...surviving the newborn fog, learning to be a family of four, and of course: breastfeeding. Thank goodness for no...

My Kids Are Serial Snackers

I recently read somewhere that the things that drive us most crazy about our kids now will be the things we most value in them as adults. While this may be true in many...
fall freezer meals

Fall Freezer Meals

  It's fall y'all!! Pull out the scarves, boots, and pumpkin spice! Ok, so maybe it's wishful thinking on the fashion choices since it is still hot around here... BUT now is a great time to...
sibling complex

The Sibling Size Complex: A Big Girl And A Small Boy

  I have two kids. One eats everything and the other eats nothing. One is in the 80th percentile and the other is in the 5th percentile. One is 3.5 and the other is 1.5. One is a...