Let’s Talk About Period Underwear

A couple months ago, after years of ignoring relentless social media ads, I finally tried period underwear. (We’ll go with underwear instead of that dreaded "p" word.) It took me so long to get...

Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

How to Naturally Increase Your Fertility | For those that don’t know my story, we’ve been through the ringer with trying to increase fertility; let me save you a buck and years of your...

Practical, Sustainable and Affordable Fashion Finds

With warm Texas weather upon us (finally!), we are ready to venture back out into the world with some fun fashion flair that had been hiding in our dark closets. After being a homebody...

Happy National Play Outside Day

Central Texans like to boast that there’s nothing quite like Spring in our beautiful state. The wildflowers, the short but powerful rains bringing life to our hill country, the warm (and if we’re lucky...

Help! Is My Daughter Ready to Start Shaving?

When your daughter is ready to start shaving, you may have conflicted feelings and a LOT of questions. Here’s what you need to know before you dive into this new dimension of parenting your...

Early Detection Saves Lives| UT Health Austin Breast Cancer Care

There’s a common misconception that only women with a family history of breast cancer are at risk of developing breast cancer. (Ladies, don’t believe everything you read!) Approximately 5-10% of breast cancers are thought...
body size

Wellness isn’t a body size

It took me about 2 decades, becoming a mom, suffering through debilitating eating disorders, therapy, God, crystals, certifications, maturity and tears, to finally get to this place. That wellness isn't a body size. What place...
Vegan Tortilla Soup

Cozy and Creamy Vegan Tortilla Soup

I've made a plethora of delicious soups in my day, but this one takes the gold ribbon. And although the title suggests it is best consumed during a chillier day, it truly is wonderful...
social media

Stop the Scroll : Reasons I Pushed Pause on Social Media

Before you really get into my reasons I "Pushed Pause" on social media, I want to start by saying it really IS a "pause." I'm not completely off social media -- I can't be...

No Mama, You DON’T Need to be Productive During Naptime

Fellow moms, let’s take a moment to talk about unrealistic expectations even for the little things like naptime. If this pandemic world has taught me anything, it’s that we as a society put too...