4 Simple Ways Toward Better Sleep

It seems like a good night’s sleep is elusive these days. Something that is natural, something we do every day, it escapes us. Why? --Is it rising levels of anxiety? –Too much caffeine? --A...
Mom Fatigue

Mom Fatigue | Self-Compassion as a Parent in Trying Times

I knew I should have stayed up later and packed lunches last night, but I had mom fatigue. I knew I should have laid out clothes instead of relying on kids to find matching...

Workout Options For A Fit 2022

Every year on January 1st many of us chose to make a New Year’s Resolution. The number one resolution made by many of us is to live a healthier lifestyle and jumpstart a workout...

What age can my child be to visit a pediatric dentist?

Parents have a lot to choose from when it comes to dental care for their children. Some believe children shouldn't visit the dentist until they go to school. Some people believe that you should...

Busted! 5 Common Sports Injury and Recovery Myths

UT Health Austin sports medicine physician addresses common misconceptions surrounding sports injuries and recovery approaches It’s no secret that regular physical activity brings numerous health benefits to people of all ages; however, this can also lead...

Chasing Rainbows: The end of the fertility treatments road without a baby

Like many women who struggle with infertility, I always anticipated the happy ending. You know, the one where we have the bump and the baby and all the things? But, what happens when you’ve...

10 COVID Tips From a Single Mother

“Leave me alone. Please!” I hated saying it as soon as it left my mouth. At this point, I was begging my children to have mercy on me as I laid in excruciating pain....

Health Benefits of Pumpkin | Honoring National Pumpkin Day

Happy Fall Ya’ll! It’s pumpkin time! Yep, that’s me…shouting from the rooftops that fall is finally here (do you hear me Texas weather?!) and that means pumpkins! I’m not talking about those big, sit-on-the porch, kind...
ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD Awareness Month. For those who have children diagnosed with ADHD or who have a diagnosis themselves understand how important it is to bring awareness, to this often, misunderstood diagnosis. has a...
Dyslexia Awareness

Take note of early signs of Dyslexia for an earlier diagnosis

Take note of early signs of Dyslexia for an earlier diagnosis | Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are hard for us. Not the actual meals. I have, what I call, the opposite of picky eaters....