Healthy Candy

Healthy Candy Swaps For Trick Or Treating

It's fall Y'ALL! Despite the balmy 90 degree afternoons resembling summer, Halloween is right around the corner. The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice is everywhere and the shelves at Target have been stocked in...

How to Have a Mindful Halloween

How to Have a Mindful Halloween | To me, practically speaking, being mindful means constantly learning, unlearning and relearning myself and how my choices impact those in my communities. Mindfulness has to be an...

Top 10 Items for Trick or Treating (Candy Alternatives)

Witching hour will soon be here. Our mini ghosts and goblins are almost ready to terrorize the city. Due to food allergies or sensitivities, some of our little princesses and pumpkins may not be...

Oktoberfest Brews and Festivals Near Austin You Have to Try

It is finally my favorite time of year: Fall! The weather is (slightly) cooler (maybe?), Halloween is around the corner, and fun activities are starting to pop up every weekend! One of my favorite...
A view of a Caribbean dish of curry chicken in a restaurant or kitchen setting

Delicious Caribbean Dish You Can Prepare Year Round

  In the creation of this wonderful Caribbean dish, I partnered with Shanon Murray, an author and fellow contributor of Austin Moms. Shanon learned her culinary craft from her late grandmother, Yvonne Murray, a native...

Why We Celebrate All the Grandparents

This first Sunday after Labor Day {in this case, September 12}, we are excited to celebrate the amazing Grandparents in our lives for National Grandparents Day! My mom always made sure we called our grandparents...
Travel This Summer

8 Products You Need to Travel Safely This Summer

Safety comes in many forms depending on pre-Covid, during Covid and post-Covid or almost post-Covid. Yep, this is how I am measuring safety in travel. Whether you have already traveled this year or not,...

10 Songs To Add To Your Father’s Day Playlist

Father's Day is this Sunday. Add these 10 heartfelt, fun songs to your Father's Day playlist. My fondest memories of my Dad involved music. I loved riding with my Dad in his pickup truck with...

Juneteenth and How You Can Celebrate

So What IS Juneteenth about? “Freedom Day” – The Emancipation from Slavery for African-Americans in Texas. Being a true Texas girl, I’ve celebrated this holiday with my family and our church and local communities my...
National Wine Day

Today is National Wine Day!

Wine lovers everywhere, rejoice! Today is officially National Wine Day in the US (although I’m sure some moms out there are like, isn’t every day national wine day?!?). Whether you are a casual wine...