Mother's Day

Fun Mother’s Day Activities

Hello Love! Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Each year, mothers across the country look forward to the day their kiddos show them just how much they are loved and appreciated.  Some of my most favorite...
Spring Break

Quarantine Fatigue Busters: Spring Break 2021

Quarantine fatigue is real, y’all, I know. It is hard to believe that exactly one year ago, we left school for Spring Break (on a Friday the 13th eek!) and didn’t come back. Yikes....
mardi gras

What you may not know about Mardi Gras

Growing up in Ville Platte, LA, Mardi Gras was something very different than what the world sees on TV. There were no extravagant floats or costumes flooding the streets of this small town in...
Non-Candy Valentines

Favorite Non-Candy Valentine’s Gifts

Go down the Valentine's aisle in the grocery store and you will be overwhelmed with the selection of sweets. So. much. candy! When I took my children to pick out their class Valentine's cards,...
Valentine's Day in Austin

69 ways to spend your Valentine’s Day in Austin

Valentine's Day is THIS weekend and depending on how you and your significant other plan to spend it, you could already be behind. It is sometimes hard to come up with fresh ideas for...
Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Gift Ideas for Him this Valentine’s Day

Valentines marketing for her (and the kids) was in full swing early this year. However, the marketing machine behind great gift ideas for him is lacking. So, I have been scrolling my feed and...

DIY Cocoa Bombs: Valentine, You’re The Bomb

Hows about a little how-to on those fabulous DIY cocoa bombs? Seeing as how these things are all the rage as of late, why not attempt a DIY version just in time for Valentine's...

My Non-Resolution Plan for 2021

Do you start each year resolving to be a better you through a new year's resolution? I did, until 2020! Do you know what I mean when I say it could be described in one...

MLK Day: Let’s Never Forget

January 18th, 2021 marks the official day we celebrate, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr known as MLK Day. His legacy, however, stretches far beyond a single day. His activism and tenacity to never...

Teaching Children to Celebrate Differences

Everyday I am reminded that the world my daughter is growing up in is completely different than the world I grew up in. While there have been so many things that have happened in...