Austin Moms Blog | 15 Personalized Gift Ideas

15 Personalized Gift Ideas :: Put Some Zazzle in Your Life

Personalized gifts have become a staple in my gift-giving life. There was a day, LOOOOOOOONG ago where I thought once my best friends were married and had their first babies that personalized gifts would...

Guide to Holiday Giving in Austin

It’s easy to get caught up in shopping, dining, party-going, and traveling during the holidays in our affluent Austin area bubbles.  The continual bustle also makes it easy to forget that there are so...

Give the Gift of Reading from LOCAL Authors

This Christmas, consider giving the gift of reading…from LOCAL authors. The following list outlines 20 FANTASTIC reads from Austin and surrounding area authors and well-known, Texan authors for children, young adults and adults! Children's Books Candynomics...

Top 5 Restaurants If You Just Don’t Feel Like Cooking on Thanksgiving.

I know that part of the Thanksgiving tradition is to gather in the kitchen and cook with your family. And on TV and movies they make this look so warm and loving. When in...

25 Creative Alternatives to a Traditional Easter Basket

Looking for a way to get more bang for your buck when it comes to the Easter basket? Who says it has to be the same 'ole same year after year. Check out these 25...
Things to do in Austin this Fall

Austin Fall Bucket List: 100 Things to do in Austin this Fall

It’s fall y'all! The weather is finally starting to cool off (hopefully) and it’s time to get outside. There are so many things to do in Austin this Fall -- it may be hard to...
december birthdays

Your Snarky Guide to Navigating December Birthdays

All I want for Christmas is for someone to remember my birthday. You’ve seen the meme. But it’s only funny because it’s true. Holiday birthdays kind of suck. And because you weren't smart enough...

Holiday Spirit – Chore Or Choice? You Choose.

If there is one thing 2019 whacked me on the head with, it’s the fact that we have a choice - pretty much always - to control our mindset. What we think controls how we...

I Hate Elf On The Shelf

I Hate Elf On The Shelf Oh, Elf on the Shelf, how I loathe thee. This time last year, I viewed Elf on the Shelf as a whimsical tradition beloved by many. So, I nabbed one...

Do You Love Santa Or Is He Totally Icky and Germ Infested?

I love Santa! I love Santa so much that every year as a child I remember going to get my picture taken with him at the mall. I never noticed that every year he...