A view of a Caribbean dish of curry chicken in a restaurant or kitchen setting

Delicious Caribbean Dish You Can Prepare Year Round

  In the creation of this wonderful Caribbean dish, I partnered with Shanon Murray, an author and fellow contributor of Austin Moms. Shanon learned her culinary craft from her late grandmother, Yvonne Murray, a native...

Dear iPhone: I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

I listened to an interview with Elon Musk a while ago in which he said, “Your phone is already an extension of you. You’re already a cyborg.” I have been so addicted to my...

My Husband is Capable of Taking Care of the Home Too

My Husband is Capable of Taking Care of the Home Too | My house is a mess, my daughter is teething while very clinging, the dog is driving me crazy with her random barking,...

6 Favorite IKEA Hacks

You’ve seen the memes about having to seek mental health care or needing a Calgon bubble bath after building IKEA furniture, right? I’m the opposite of those memes. Almost nothing gives me greater satisfaction...

How to Declutter and Reorganize Your Life

Is your home cluttered and totally disorganized? If you're like me, it probably overwhelms you to have so many things in too many places. In order to reset your space and add calm to...

Fixing up & Fessing Up: Confessions of an Airbnb beginner

Hello from Sweatpants City! Population me and, I guess, now you too! Here we have our hair in top knots, paint covered clothes, frustration and exhilaration carved into our faces (interesting to look at...
HVAC Keep Home Cool -Summer

How to Keep Your House Cool Without Running Up Your Utility Bill

As the co-founder and business director of the Franklin Music Academy, a music school that prides itself on cultivating lifetime music skills, I am always focused on operating an efficient home business. Owning a...
Vegan Tortilla Soup

Cozy and Creamy Vegan Tortilla Soup

I've made a plethora of delicious soups in my day, but this one takes the gold ribbon. And although the title suggests it is best consumed during a chillier day, it truly is wonderful...

A Shopping Experience For The Whole Family | Furniture Mall of Texas

Who loves their couch? 🙋🏼‍♀️ As a fellow mama, and lover of my couch, I can say without hesitation how important this decision was for our family. To be able to choose a piece...

Remodeling during Covid

When Covid struck and we were first tucked away, our house was a refuge from the outside world. However, as I’m sure many of you can relate, you stare at the walls long enough...