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Moms in the Know: Carrie Contey, PhD

YES!!! We are SOOOOOOOO excited to announce that THE Carrie Contey, PhD will be the featured speaker at our February 24th Moms in the Know! If you do not know who Carrie Contey is, let...

Guilt Free + Kid Free: Enjoying Kidless Time

This is a topic I'm very passionate about. Spending time away from your kiddos. I used to feel guilty about wanting to spend time away from my son and I believe a lot of that...

8 Signs You’re Getting Old

  The other day I was sitting in my car waiting for the right time to get out and pick up my kids from preschool.  I watched as other moms arrived and walked towards the...

The BLOCK PARTY is Here: What to Expect

With nearly 400 RSVPs on the event page, we sold our 100 tickets in under 3 minutes flat! If you've got a ticket to the Block Party, you're one lucky mama! Now it's only 1...

BLOCK PARTY Benefits Buck’s Barn

Austin is a city with a culture of giving back and Austin Moms Blog is certainly no different. We try to give back to our community when we can and support charities by hosting...

Barre3 Grand Opening in Circle C!

We recently heard someone say, "Barre3? What exactly is that place?" Well, we're thrilled to not only tell you about Barre3, but also inform you that Austin Moms Blog will be hosting the Grand Opening...

Block Party at Kendra Scott

OMG! We are so excited to finally release the details for the highly anticipated BLOCK PARTY!! This event is going to be THE major event of the year and you won't want to miss...

Moms in the Know: Making Healthy Food for Babes & Kids

Transitioning to solids? Do you have a picky toddler? Do you find yourself stuck every night when it's time to start making dinner? Well, you're in luck! Our September Moms in the Know meeting...

Get Ready For a Playdate at The Little Gym

Our August playdate was SO much fun that we can't hardly wait for our next one! Austin Mom's Blog is thrilled to announce that The Little Gym in South Austin is hosting our September...
Moms in the Know

Moms in the Know: Event Recap

Last night's Moms in the Know: Cloth Diapering & Potty Training was a great success!Tonia Johnson from eLeMeNo-Pee started the night off by educating moms about cloth diapering. We learned why it's best for...