social justice

Just a Momma Doin’ Social Justice

What momma has time for social justice initiatives, right? Most days, it feels like we're barely keeping ourselves and our kids alive. Like, if everyone in the house has eaten three meals that day, we...

Austin Moms – Seeking All Hero Moms – Be A Toy Drive Hero!

Austin Moms - Seeking All Hero Moms - Be A Toy Drive Hero!  Tis’ the season for family, friends, gift buying, gift giving, and helping those less fortunate. What if we told you about a...
volunteering in Austin

The Season of Volunteering in Austin

"This is your world. Shape it or someone else will." -Gary Lew I don't know if its the falling leaves or the fact that Halloween just passed us by, but this is the time of year...

10 Reasons Why We <3 Give10Back

10 Reasons Why We <3 Give10Back As a family of 5, we are natural shoppers. From toys, baby stuff, kitchen appliances, cleaning & laundry supplies, and pet stuff, it feels like our family is always...

May We Never Forget: Talking to Your Kids About 9/11

In my late 20s (pre-kids), I visited Auschwitz. To put it bluntly, I saw the many ways people suffered and died.  At the end of my tour, I was left with one stinging question:...
Austin ways to help hurricane harvey

How Austinties Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

“When it's a choice to make between things and life, sometimes you've just got to let the things go and hang on to life.” This quote was taken from a recent article in The Washington...
drop-in childcare

Best Options for Drop-in Childcare this Summer

Busy parents, summer break is here! --Yaaaay?!? While yes, I am looking forward to slower days, splash pads and picnic lunches with my dear little one, part of me is also kind of freaking out....
bobby bones

Why This Austin Mom Loves Bobby Bones

I want to remind all of you that I have written many a blog post now for Austin Moms Blog, and love them or hate them, not ONE of them has made me out...

Random Acts of Kindness For The Whole Family

  The beginning of a new year is a special time to reflect on family dynamic, while making plans for the coming months ahead. Looking back on the year is always fun, and in our...

Where to Volunteer as a Family this Holiday Season

Want to teach your littles the true meaning of Christmas? How about celebrating by helping feed our city's hungry & homeless? Do you have a heart for service but feel scrapped for the time,...