Amplify Austin

I Live Here I Give Here – Amplify Austin 2021

Like so many other “Austinites”, my husband and I transplanted here with our tiny-sized family in hopes of capturing some of that hill country goodness in an exchange for “big city” living. Traffic and...

My Child’s 1st Sleepaway Camp Experience | Camp Champions

Sleepaway camp wasn’t part of my childhood growing up, but I was always envious of friends who’d gotten to go. It seemed like an important rite of passage I’d missed out on and one...

Best Glamping Spots for Families in the Texas Hill Country

Confession: I love the outdoors, but I hate the idea of camping with my kids. I hope I’ll change my mind when they’re older, but right now the thought of sleeping (or more likely,...
Teens Pandemic

Raising Teens Amidst a Pandemic

Earlier in the pandemic, I found myself numbly scrolling through my Facebook feed pausing briefly at the sweet baby and silly puppy pictures smooshed in between the exhaustive, political slants shared by “friends”. More...

Best Smoothies In Austin

If Y'ALL follow me on Instagram, you know I have an affinity for green smoothies. I try to enjoy a smoothie almost daily, and it's an amazingly energizing way to start the day! As a...

Austin Trees :: Winter Storm Aftermath

I love so many things about Austin but my all-time favorite is the trees.  There are many different types of trees that grow in this area and these living things are beautiful.  Unfortunately, the...

Historic Winter Storm Bringing Austin Moms Together

Last Saturday began what would go down in Central Texas History as the most historic winter storm to blow south since the 40s. From falling trees, to frozen pipes, to power outages, to car...
Valentine's Day in Austin

69 ways to spend your Valentine’s Day in Austin

Valentine's Day is THIS weekend and depending on how you and your significant other plan to spend it, you could already be behind. It is sometimes hard to come up with fresh ideas for...
Date Ideas

10 Out of the Box Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Tired of doing the same old boring thing for Valentine’s Day? Dinner, chocolate, and flowers are the traditional ways to celebrate this special day. This year, wouldn’t it be perfect to be more innovative...
Healthy Restaurants

Healthy Restaurants and Places to Eat in Austin

Happy February, Mamas! If you’re anything like me, you are on detox from all the treats you consumed over Christmas and the Holidays. I love eating healthy; I just feel better. I love eating...