Friendships 2.0

“Alright class, we have a new friend joining us today, let’s all say hello and make her feel welcome" “We are all friends here, let’s take turns sharing” “Our kids are the same...

Happy National Play Outside Day

Central Texans like to boast that there’s nothing quite like Spring in our beautiful state. The wildflowers, the short but powerful rains bringing life to our hill country, the warm (and if we’re lucky...

Austin Mom’s Favorite Adult Pools in ATX

Who is ready for an adult pool day?!?! A glorious day to read and RELAX poolside in the sunshine. No one to chase after or "play with"... Nothing to worry about, expect deciding which...

When Words Do Break, Because Words Do Hurt

While it is true that sticks and stones can break your bones, it is not true that words can never hurt you. It has been proven many times in our lives that the words...
Memorial Day

100+ Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend With the Family in Austin

Memorial Day Weekend is officially here and now that we are coming out of Covid hiding, there are so many family friendly events for the family to partake in this holiday weekend! We've got...
swimming holes

The Best Swimming Holes In & Around Austin

After sweating and suffering through many Texas summers without a pool, I’ve decided this is the year I fully embrace playing in creeks, lakes and water holes around the city. I’ve been intimidated by...
National Wine Day

Today is National Wine Day!

Wine lovers everywhere, rejoice! Today is officially National Wine Day in the US (although I’m sure some moms out there are like, isn’t every day national wine day?!?). Whether you are a casual wine...

Splash Pads in and Around Austin

No matter what the calendar says, the temperatures outside are telling us that summer is here. Which in Texas means making a beeline for any place that has shade or water, hopefully both. Thankfully...
Stroller Friendly Trails

The Best Stroller Friendly Trails in Austin

Strollers serve two very important purposes when you're a mom trying to get out of the house: making babies mobile before they can walk and making kids sit still after they've learned to run....
Starting Pre School

Sending a Pandemic Baby to School (For the First Time!)

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence." – Dr. Maria Montessori | These words have never been more real to me as when we...