Drive-n Movie Theaters

Best Drive-in Movie Theaters in Austin

Remember the days when we could all sit freely in a full house movie theater, popping popcorn in our mouths, drinking the extra-large sodas or fruit juices, and nachos filled with what I like...

Breaking Bread with Your Neighbors

So long California… Moving away from family and friends in California and creating a new life in a new city (Austin) can be challenging. We quickly realized that having a strong support system here...
Lake Bastrop

Glamping on Lake Bastrop

Roasting marshmallows over a campfire, gazing up at the stars, and communing with nature ground my soul. As a former Cub Scout Den Mother, I’ve racked up my share of camping days—...
January Kids

14 Things To Do With the Kids in January in Austin

The holidays are over. The kids are back in school. The nights are long. The weather is cold. The month of January can be somewhat depressing for both adults and kids; however, there is no...

Kitchen Tips for Your College Kid

Mid-mester blues about your college kid’s meal plan account? Have you already refilled it a time or two? Wondering how they are ever going to make it through the end of the semester on...

The Gift of Protection From Blue Light | Cyxus

With schooling going 100% virtual and then partially virtual and screen time at an all time high mamas have had a growing concern about their littles eyes. Information about blue light has surfaced and...

You can’t scare us, 2021!

2020 is about to exit the building. Praise Jesus! This year has been so full of ups and downs that it feels like we’ve been walking on wobbly roads since March. You can’t scare...

4 Reasons To Block Blue Light + Our Favorite Brands

In a year when no working mom thought she would ever become a homeschooling mom, many things with our health have been studied and come to light. One of those is looking more closely...

Your family meal just got a whole lot easier | Snap Kitchen

As mamas, we are always trying to do what is best for our family. We rush around all day from one thing to the next. One of those main jobs? Meal prepping. As soon...

Best Spots to See Holiday Lights In and Around Austin

In a year when we could all use a little extra holiday magic, a lights display is the perfect way to be festive and stay socially distant. Many Austin traditions are returning and even...