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Against All Odds

Infertility. When people hear this word it a lot of times negates a negative connotation. Like you are saying a bad word or talking politics at work. It is often one of those subjects...
National Infertility Awareness Week

Living With 2 Uteruses & 2 Cervixes

In order to honor those families that are affected by infertility every single day, Austin Moms Blog plans to share several stories throughout this week. What binds us together is motherhood and whether you...

Ever Thought About Egg Donation or Surrogacy?

Egg donation and surrogacy has to be one of the most selfless things a woman can do for another family.  I’m past the point {age wise} for egg donation and just had a baby...

Donate Your Eggs {Not the Easter Kind}!

I very loosely thought about egg donation and surrogacy...mostly when I was a broke joke trying to pay back student loans after college. After knowing how much you can impact a family and help...

A Long Journey

Tomorrow is National Adoption Day and that warms my heart. If you have followed Austin Moms Blog for a while (and if you haven't it is never too late to start) you may remember...

Ten Things You Should NEVER Say To Someone Adopting!

 Adopting is something my husband and I have wanted to do since we had our first son, we just didn’t know when. We also knew we wanted more biological children, and when (timing wise)...