When Friendships and Motherhood Collide

When Friendships and Motherhood Collide

Understatement of the Year: "Things change when you become a mom." Sometimes things you didn't expect to change do too - like friendships. As your life becomes fuller with children and changes to your life...
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Being a Working Mom Is Different Than I Thought

As Lucy is about to turn four (!) I do the same thing all moms do and reflect on those months/weeks/days before that baby girl exited my body and took over my life. For...

Changes in Austin Are Just Around the Corner! It’s Voting Time

Look out ladies, things are about to get crazy during November elections. Not really, but there are  some changes headed your way. I know November seems like a million miles away, but in election...
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The Gear Guide 2014: Advice From the BabyGuy Jamie Grayson

I had the honor of attending Gearapalooza 2014 last Saturday, hosted by Bump Club and Beyond and Baby Earth, and for me it was like going to the Oscars (okay, not quite, but close)!...

Let’s Hear It For The Hubs!

We are beginning a new series here at Austin Moms Blog: a Q & A with the special men in our lives! Sure, this is Austin MOMs Blog, but we decided to let the...

When Daddy is out of town my life is turned upside down.

My husband doesn't travel near as often as he used to but when he does, I'm literally counting down the hours until he gets home.  As much as I get annoyed about his Tasmanian...

Austin Baby Daddy Spotlight on Vinnie

It's been a week of love here at Austin Moms Blog . . . Vanessa and Matt celebrated their first anniversary and began the 40-Day Love Dare, and Ashlee gave us some ideas for...

Father knows best, BUT where is that instruction manual?

Dads, by nature, don’t like to take a lot of advice. Whether it’s driving directions, cooking or their haircut, they don’t really want to hear anybody's opinion on when to turn left or how...

Baby Daddy Spotlight On Brandon

What was your initial reaction when you find out you were going to be a daddy (the first time, Ashlee)?   I had a lot of different emotions, fear and surprise mostly. Since it was...

Baby Daddy Spotlight on Wesley

What was your initial reaction when you find out you were going to be a daddy? Scared $hitless- but extremely excited & vulnerable all at the same time. The initial reaction fueled me to...