Austin Mexican Restaurants with Kids

Best Mexican Restaurants For Families

When I was a kid the only restaurant that had a playscape was McDonald's and it wasn't really a "playscape" as we know them today. It was just a rickety merry-go-round that made children...
Memorial Day Getaways

Quick Getaways for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always special for us since we have several family members on both sides who serve or served in the military. I love seeing old pictures of my grandfathers in uniform, one...
hate playing with my kids

I Hate Playing With My Kids

"Am I the only one who hates playing with my kids? I mean, I actually HATE playing with my kids". "I feel ya.  Me too" This is a snippet of a conversation I overheard seven years...

Best Shaded Playgrounds In and Around Austin!

Summer is here and that means it’s gonna get HOT! But, we all know our little ones need to get outside, run off some energy, and play! So you just need to find a...
Splash pads in Austin

25 Best Splash Pads In And Around Austin

  We are getting teased with soaring temps around here, which can only mean ONE thing. Summer is literally around the corner. And can I just say, I am scared out of my mind. Kids at...

100 Things To Do In Austin This Summer

As each new season approaches, my family writes a bucket list of things we must do together. Summer Bucket List Brainstorm Day has become one of our favorite traditions! Best of all, the list...

Friendships After Baby

There is no way to fathom how much your lifestyle changes after having a baby until it actually changes in real life. Until you have that baby in your arms and are doing everything...

2015 AMB Guide to Austin’s Haunted Houses

Halloween is almost here and there are several haunted houses, spooktaculars, and fright fests in Austin! Even the little ones can get involved with some of these!  HOUSE OF TORMENT (Recommended for ages 12 and...

10 Best Playgrounds in Austin & Surrounding Areas

Austin has a LOT of playgrounds, from your standard one-slide-and-two-swings variety to really incredible climbing, slides that tempt adults and shady seating to boot. Here are ten totally awesome playgrounds, Westlake to Georgetown, that...

I’m that mom who ignores her kid at the park.

Yes, that’s me. I don’t pay much attention to my kid when we’re hanging out at the park or kiddie pool or some such place. And some of you probably wonder why as you...