Why I’m Having A Sprinkle For My Second Baby

Our sweet little baby girl is set to arrive in June, and I've been going back and forth now for months on whether to have a small baby shower, or "sprinkle" for her. On the...
hiding in the bathroom

There Are 36 People At My House and I’m Hiding In The Bedroom

Picture this: It’s late in the evening, there are a bunch of my very close friends downstairs in my home and I’m hiding in my bedroom. It’s a common occurrence when I host parties,...

The COOP Austin is Now Open and Booking Parties + {Giveaway}

The COOP Austin is Now Open and Booking Parties {Giveaway} Want a chance to win a free monthly play pass at the COOP?  Come experience what the hype is all about for free! Enter the giveaway...
cookies and cocktails

Christmas Treats for All Ages (Cookies and Cocktails)

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...this time of year is the most wonderful, a little stressful and a little calorie filled, however, we all love it.  Yes, even the Grinches and the Scrooges secretly...
sangria in Austin

The Best Sangria in Austin

For all of us trivia lovers, sangria (most commonly a red wine punch) comes from Spain, but was first introduced to the United States in 1964 during the World’s Fair in New York.  While...
christmas menu

Simple Christmas Menu

My mom and I love creating menus, for pretty much every holiday, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since, I am a mom of young girls, it is essential that my menus remain simple, yet delicious....
december birthdays

Your Snarky Guide to Navigating December Birthdays

All I want for Christmas is for someone to remember my birthday. You’ve seen the meme. But it’s only funny because it’s true. Holiday birthdays kind of suck. And because you weren't smart enough...

Has the Art of Hosting Truly Been Lost?

Today it seems everyone is in a rush. Rush to get to work, rush to get home from work, rush to cook dinner, rush get the kids to bed, rush through the kid’s birthday...
halloween sugar

Holidays…Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. Why So Much Sugar?

As a mom of two young girls, ages three and one (and having been diagnosed with breast cancer five months ago), I have become hyperaware of sugar. We all know it is not good...
quick halloween costumes

10 Last-Minute Parent and Child DIY Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween, I enjoy the costumes, the decorating and the trick-or-treating. If there is a fall festival or Halloween party near me, I will be attending in costume. When I found out I was...