All About Mommie: Postpartum Care Kits

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Austin, TX, USA
114 West 5th Street Austin Texas 78701 US

Whether you are still expecting, holding your bundle of joy or simply looking for the perfect gift for an expectant mother, we have you covered! We know all births and mothers are different, therefore we offer four packages to choose from. Just simply choose the package that best fits your needs and let us do the rest. We take pride in being able to provide some necessities in your postpartum care journey.

The 4 types of kits I offer:

1. Vaginal Birth & Breastfeeding

2. Vaginal Birth & Non-Breastfeeding

3. C-Section & Breastfeeding

4. C-Section & Non-Breastfeeding

I hope to hear from you all soon! Wishing you all  beautiful healthy baby/babies and a safe delivery!

C-Section (Breastfeeding).jpg 5 months ago
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C-Section (Non-Breastfeeding).jpg 5 months ago
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Vaginal Birth (Non-Breastfeeding).jpg 5 months ago
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Vaginal Birth (Breastfeeding).jpg 5 months ago
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