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HALTS For Simpler Parenting

When our children are young, communication can be incredibly frustrating. Usually it involves crying and acting out and other fun-filled behaviors that push our buttons. It...

Holiday Small Talk: It Doesn’t Have to Be Boring!

As a therapist, I am trained to get to know people in deep and meaningful ways. This is great for work and intimate relationships,...

Don’t Send Your Kid To Therapy…Go WITH Your Kid To Therapy!

Rugged individualism.  It’s a foundational belief in our country.  And yet, we know instinctively, scientifically, and historically, that human beings are social and deeply...

Better Parenting Through Body Language

Life is busy these days.  It can feel like a whirlwind from the moment you wake until you finally lay yourself down to sleep,...

Brain Basics #5: Your Brain In Relationships

Alright, so I’m bringing this brain series to a close, and for the grand finale, I thought we’d look at your brain in significant...

Brain Basics #3: Rhythm

Last time, I talked about the Four Fs: Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn, how we all experience them in response to stress, and how they can get out...

Brain Basics #2: The Four Fs

For this part of the series, we are going to look at the biological responses commonly known as fight/flight/freeze The brainstem is essentially in...

Brain Basics, Part One: Your Brain Is Complex!

Have you heard of Interpersonal Neurobiology?   It is the emerging science of how the brain develops in response to our relationships.  As mammals, we...

My Favorite Books For New And Expecting Mothers

In a time when you may be hungrily seeking parenting advice, let me suggest another option.  You don’t need parenting advice (and anyway, you’ll...

Lowered Expectations: The Path To Parenting Peace

“You’re going to be an AMAZING parent!” How many times have you heard this?  If you are or were expecting a child, I’m guessing you...

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