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The Way I Love My Husband Matters For My Kids

I am sure we have all noticed the differences in our societal expectations when it comes to parenting. The never-ending list of expectations that women...

There’s No Hierarchy For Pain (And Other Lessons From The NICU)

Ten weeks ago, I sat in my then three-day-old daughter’s isolation room in the NICU, sobbing to the head nurse. In between the sobs were...

Mom’s Guide to Motherhood Imposter Syndrome

A recent New York Times op-ed has brought to light an important topic that many mothers, at one time or another, have experienced. In the...

Raising A Child With The Same Personality

I always thought it would be super fun to have a child who has a personality similar to my own-- and for the most...

I Don’t Tribe Well

I don’t tribe well. I really don’t. That’s the ugly truth right there in pink and white. As a young girl, I would sometimes run around...

How Moms Can Adopt A More Realistic View Of Self-Care

I’ve been planning my self-care staycation for months.  After celebrating Christmas with my husband, 2-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter, I’ll spend two to three days...

Why We Are Breaking With Tradition

  “We’ve always done it this way.” That sentence always makes me stop in my tracks. Growing up, I never questioned when someone would say...

Everything Changes, All the Time

I used to think everything changed until it got to a point where it was static and life stayed the same after that. Routines,...

Delicious Apple Recipes

Fall is a wonderful time of year. With it comes the beautiful fall foliage as well as cooler temperatures. I don’t know about you,...

Moms Guide to Baby-Led Weaning

What is Baby-Led Weaning? First, it's not "weaning" per se; the focus is not on giving up breastmilk or formula. The focus is, instead, on...

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