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Not Your Typical New Year’s Resolution Post

January is often a time that many of us reflect on the past twelve months and set goals and intentions for the year to...

Homebody at Heart

"Ain't nobody like a homebody." Is a sign you will see perched in a few different corners of Magnolia Market by Joanna and Chip Gaines....

How To Raise Kids In The Age Of The Internet

I’m showing my age here, but I didn’t have internet access until college. I got my first cell phone towards the end of my...

There’s No Hierarchy For Pain (And Other Lessons From The NICU)

Ten weeks ago, I sat in my then three-day-old daughter’s isolation room in the NICU, sobbing to the head nurse. In between the sobs were...

Mom’s Guide to Motherhood Imposter Syndrome

A recent New York Times op-ed has brought to light an important topic that many mothers, at one time or another, have experienced. In the...

Raising A Child With The Same Personality

I always thought it would be super fun to have a child who has a personality similar to my own-- and for the most...

Has Cooking Become a Dying Art?

I am in a dinner rut. There I said it and I feel so much better now. Why is it so hard to get dinner on...

HALTS For Simpler Parenting

When our children are young, communication can be incredibly frustrating. Usually it involves crying and acting out and other fun-filled behaviors that push our buttons. It...

Why We Are Breaking With Tradition

  “We’ve always done it this way.” That sentence always makes me stop in my tracks. Growing up, I never questioned when someone would say...

Everything Changes, All the Time

I used to think everything changed until it got to a point where it was static and life stayed the same after that. Routines,...

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