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14 Best Playdate Spots In Austin

Sometimes I wish that life was more like the carefree “olden” days my mom describes, when she could walk down the street at any...

Now Seeking Mom Friends

Wanted for immediate friendship: Cool mom friend who likes to drink wine and is available for daytime playdates. Hopefully has at least one child around...

Playdates Aren’t My Jam

Truth time, playdates make me anxious. This is not a new development. Playdates have been giving me anxiety since about 1992. My childhood conjures...

Posttraumatic Outings with Tots

It had been an eventful morning. Shoot, it has been an eventful last six months. You see, as a classic extrovert, I tend to...

Preschool Bullying: Talking About It, Dealing With It, Avoiding It

First of all, just to be clear here, we are talking about PRESCHOOL bullying in this article. I understand that bullying is a BIG...

Friends After Kids

It's sad but true.  Once you've had a baby, it can be pretty difficult to relate to your childless friends.  They are going out...

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