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The Way I Love My Husband Matters For My Kids

I am sure we have all noticed the differences in our societal expectations when it comes to parenting. The never-ending list of expectations that women...

I Don’t Tribe Well

I don’t tribe well. I really don’t. That’s the ugly truth right there in pink and white. As a young girl, I would sometimes run around...

8 Things Happy Couples Do

Marriage isn’t easy. Through different phases of life, marriage is tested by stress, finances, aging parents, and children just to name a few. It takes...

NO, You Can’t Be Anything You Want

We’ve all heard the statement since we were young, “you can be anything you put your mind to.” It’s been ingrained since grade school....

Evolution Of A Hero From Childhood To Motherhood

A hero is defined by someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Over the course of my life I...

Dear Friends, BRB…….

Dear friends, Oh hey, it’s me. Remember? That girl who used to at one point like to have a good time. Who showed up to dinners...

Dad & Baby Bonding Tips

Mom and baby... goes hand in hand since day one. From breastfeeding to soothing sessions at 2am, and the list continues. But...daddy needs some love...

Brain Basics #4: Tips for Parenting

Childhood is full of rapid development, just as soon as you think you have things figured out, your child changes - and these changes...

Self Care Won’t Fix Everything But It Helps

I read an article recently discussing how the push for mom's to focus on self-care is kind of a myth. The general point that...

Brain Basics #3: Rhythm

Last time, I talked about the Four Fs: Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn, how we all experience them in response to stress, and how they can get out...

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