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A Busy Mom’s Lunchbox Ideas

If you are the "#extra" type that makes Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes on weekday mornings, this post may not be for you. I'm that "Grab a...

How To Throw A Kids’ Christmas Party

How To Throw A Kids' Christmas Party Planning a Christmas party for kids? This is the right time to get started. Thinking ahead is the...

Best Snacks For Extracurricular Activities

Best Snacks For Extracurricular Activities Who else goes through snacks like they're going outta style? So. many. snacks. If my 3-year-old had it her way,...

8 Easy Halloween Snacks

We’re big fans of themed food at our house and Halloween offers me and my little foodies the opportunity to go happily overboard on the...

Traveling With Toddlers — Tricks to Keep Them Entertained

My husband and I are thankful to have remained avid travelers now that we are parents. Our little girl's first flight was to Miami...

The 7 Best On-the-Go Snacks for Moms

  I'm a bona-fide snacker.  I don't ever sit down for lunch and I usually eat about every two hours.  Being a "snacker momma" (yes, I...

Meal Planning

I'm not one to try and save a buck here and there (well...I was when my hubby was briefly unemployed, but that's different.) I'm...

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