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Dear Son, What I Want You To Remember Me By

Hey There, My Favorite Little Buddy! As I write this from the reclining chair in the corner of your room, I can hear your breath...

Dear Daughters-In-Law

 Dear Daughters-In-Law: As I write this, these men, who once were mine, and now are yours, are only 3, 5, and 9.  On any given...

Mothering Older Kids – How They Prepare for Flight

Mothering Older Kids - How They Prepare For Flight You don't prepare them. They make the necessary preparations on their own. You are simply there...

Dear Kids, I’m Getting it All Wrong. And I’m Sorry.

Dear Kids, I'm getting it all wrong. Well, maybe not ALL wrong. But I'm getting a lot of it wrong. And I'm really sorry. You see, there...

A Love Letter to My Son on Valentine’s Day

    Hey kiddo, it’s mom.   For about a year now I have been writing handwritten notes to you and your sister in memory books. Typically this...

My Three Sons

A moment of sentiment, dedicated to My Three Sons, From Their Mama (who is finding herself feeling increasingly sentimental, in the months leading up to...

What Will Your Kids Say About You?

What Will Your Kids Say About You?  Picture this: It's like 20 years from now. Your kids are all grown up. They are on a...

Raising Boys!

If someone would have asked me if I thought I would be the mother of all boys I would have said "no way"...I am...

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