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How To Conquer Winter Blues in Austin

It’s winter in Austin.  Cold. Grey. Wet. Albeit short lived - that’s why we live in Texas after all, the blessedly mild and brief...

Winter Road Safety Tips For Families

Sponsored By :: Apparent Insurance Winter is here and we all know what that means in Texas... icy roads and too many accidents. As parents, we...

Top Tips To Keep Families Safe & Sane For Holiday Travel

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and then Christmas arrives right behind. In a perfect world, everyone would come visit us at OUR...

Mom Approved :: Disney + Earns an A+

What is Disney+? Surely all the mamas have heard about the new Disney+ that everyone has been talking about since November 12th (maybe even before...

Largest Theme Park :: Nickelodeon Universe Opens Friday

Oh my goodness mamas :: All your favorite Nickelodeon characters are coming to New Jersey. Check out Nickelodeon Universe, a 8.5 acre theme park which...

Ode to Notre Dame

"Notre Dame Cathedral is burning down." My heart sunk when I saw the message my husband sent me yesterday afternoon. Paris has always had a magical...

Best Family Trips To Book In 2019? Visit A National Park!

Best Family Trips To Book In 2019? Visit A National Park! Family vacations are a time to have fun and connect with each other. What better...

Do Millennials Have The Secret To Happiness?

Do Millennials Have The Secret To Happiness?   Millennials- the word itself seems to provoke eye rolls, but I never understood why. We’re  (yes, me too)...

Traveling With A Purpose

Traveling With A Purpose “But Mom, my friend just got his own xbox and a 55” TV for his room and it’s just.not.fair.”  That’s my...

Meet Liz Smith

Meet Liz Smith My path to becoming a contributor to the Austin Moms Blog began in my hometown of San Antonio. In second grade, I...

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