Disneyland updates ‘It’s a Small World’ to be even more inclusive. The park added two dolls in wheelchairs to the classic ride this weekend and we LOVE to see it!

Disney has showcased that it may be a small world, but there is plenty of room for inclusivity. “It’s a Small World” is an iconic ride that includes over 300 costumed dolls from around the world–celebrating many nations and cultures. Disney just added two new characters in wheelchairs this weekend. The dolls were unveiled on the first day of Disneyland’s Christmas season, saying they wanted a “more accurate representation of diversity around the world.”

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Each year, the park adds extra magic to the ride with holiday décor and carols to the ride, but have completely taken it to the next level this year. The seasonal decor is removed in the new year, but the newest dolls are here to stay. Keep an eye out for them in the Latin American section and the grand finale!

Credit: Disneyland Resort/Christian Thom

The ride itself has special boats designed to accommodate guests who use wheelchairs. Disney parks do a wonderful job making sure all guests can enjoy their experience, but this is the first time in Disneyland’s 67-year history that an attraction has included a character in a wheelchair. This is just the beginning. Similar dolls will be added next year to “It’s a Small World” rides at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Paris.

Representation matters!


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