5 Ways to Empower Young Voices From a Psychologist

5 Ways to Empower Young Voices From a Psychologist | It is a typical, rushed weekday in the car and my daughter starts telling me something. She has a flair for the dramatic, and...
Dad Passed Away

My Dad Passed Away & it Changed Our Lives

January 10th, 2012 started like any other day. I woke up started breakfast for the kids, packed their lunches, and got them out the door and dropped off at school. It was not until...

Tips for Working From Home Moms

"Mom-ing" combined with working from home is not always easy. Lines are blurred, roles are hazy, and sometimes you aren't sure you are really succeeding in either arena. {AHHH} Enter Boundaries!  Boundaries will help you...

Help! Is My Daughter Ready to Start Shaving?

When your daughter is ready to start shaving, you may have conflicted feelings and a LOT of questions. Here’s what you need to know before you dive into this new dimension of parenting your...
Starting Pre School

Sending a Pandemic Baby to School (For the First Time!)

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence." – Dr. Maria Montessori | These words have never been more real to me as when we...
personal space

Protecting My Child’s Personal Space | Next Time I’ll Be Her Voice

I’m a first-time mom, and I have gained a level of anxiety that I can not fully explain. I worry all the time about my precious baby girl. I’m worried about the...
Safe Alliance

Don’t Let Your baggage Affect Your Kids’ Relationships | The SAFE Alliance

We all have relationship baggage. Some of us have a cocktail clutch and some of us have a whole set of monogrammed luggage, but we all have baggage. For many of us, that baggage means...
toddler tantrums

I Thought I Knew My Parenting Style, But Tantrums Changed Me

Toddler tantrums. Let’s talk about it. We are officially in the tantrum phase and let me tell you, it has challenged every single parenting philosophy I thought I believed in. Before you become a...

How Much Sugar is Too Much For Kids?

How much sugar is too much for kids? This question is probably one you have thought about a few times (at least) as you shop for your family, make meals and snacks for you...

Parents, It’s Okay to Grieve the Small Pandemic Losses

My daughter was five months old when the country shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was finally feeling the newborn fog beginning to lift and slowly settling into life as a mom...