No Mama, You DON’T Need to be Productive During Naptime

Fellow moms, let’s take a moment to talk about unrealistic expectations even for the little things like naptime. If this pandemic world has taught me anything, it’s that we as a society put too...

Could Your Child Have Autism? April Is Autism Acceptance Month

We are a family affected by autism - our oldest daughter is on the spectrum. She wasn't diagnosed until 14, when a very perceptive therapist suggested that we have her evaluated. Our girl is...

My many failures during the pandemic year

I know I'm not alone when I say that I had many MANY failures in 2020. It was a year of growth, transformation and living outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes feeling like I...
Independent Play

How to Encourage Independent Play in Your Children

Back when I was a new mom, I thought I had to play with my baby all the time. Even if my son was content, I felt guilty when I left him playing on...

March is Trisomy Awareness Month

The month of March recognizes many holidays, but did you know March is also Trisomy Awareness Month? Trisomy is possibly a term you heard during early pregnancy, or for some not at all. It...

Tips for Maintaining a Strong Marriage

Fall in love, become engaged, get married and sail away into Happily Ever After!! Blame it on Romantic Comedies, blame it on fairytales, but we tend to have a rose tinted view of marriage...
Keep your kids busy

Six Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy

Anyone else experience a little PTSD during Snowmageddon, because the last time our kids had a week off of school they didn’t go back? Now Spring Break is around the corner, and we are...

My Preeclampsia Birth Story: From Plan-A to Emergency C-Section

Here we are in 2021 a year that’s started to be just as weird as the previous year and somehow a few short weeks ago I officially have a five-year-old. It's just dizzying to...

Breaking Bread with Your Neighbors

So long California… Moving away from family and friends in California and creating a new life in a new city (Austin) can be challenging. We quickly realized that having a strong support system here...

To The Moms Who Are Getting That Degree

Dear Moms working on a degree, first let me say, I see you and I appreciate you. Second, no you aren’t crazy, it is hard. It is infinitely harder with children around. This past summer,...