Guide to Swim Lessons in Austin


Disclosure :: The production of this guide is brought to you by our sponsor, Emler Swim School. We are thankful for their sponsorship of this great resource!

With two locations in Austin, this is an award-winning swim school with 40 years of experience. They are now registering for summer swim classes so call to register soon! Anderson Mill location: 512-342-SWIM (7946), Westlake location:512-327-SWIM (7946).

With the heat creeping up and the kids getting restless, it’s time to start heading towards the water (if you are not already there now)! Whether you are splashing at the pool, diving in at the lake or boogie boarding at the beach, swim lessons for your kids (or for you) are always a good idea. Here is a list of swim lesson locations in and around Austin:

Private lessons where the instructors come to you or your community pool:

*Those with an asterisk indicate swim schools that offer multiple locations in Austin and surrounding areas.

Also, here are a few key things to consider when choosing your swim program or private instructor:

  • What time of day your child would be most receptive to learning and participating? (morning? after nap? afternoon?)
  • What type of environment would be most comforting for your child? (group? one-on-one with instructor? mommy or daddy and me class?)
  • Other things to think about: what to bring! Check the program’s requirements for gear (i.e. flotation devices, goggles, etc.), swim diapers, potty-trained, etc.
  • Is there a skill-level requirement to sign up? (For example, some classes require a starting point to join, like being able to blow bubbles under water.)
  • Don’t forget a change of clothes, snacks, water bottle, towel… you know the whole house!

Stay safe this swim season everyone! Let us know if you’d recommend any other swim lessons in Austin – we’ll get them on the list!