Fixing up & Fessing Up: Confessions of an Airbnb beginner

Hello from Sweatpants City! Population me and, I guess, now you too! Here we have our hair in top knots, paint covered clothes, frustration and exhilaration carved into our faces (interesting to look at...
HVAC Keep Home Cool -Summer

How to Keep Your House Cool Without Running Up Your Utility Bill

As the co-founder and business director of the Franklin Music Academy, a music school that prides itself on cultivating lifetime music skills, I am always focused on operating an efficient home business. Owning a...
Vegan Tortilla Soup

Cozy and Creamy Vegan Tortilla Soup

I've made a plethora of delicious soups in my day, but this one takes the gold ribbon. And although the title suggests it is best consumed during a chillier day, it truly is wonderful...

A Shopping Experience For The Whole Family | Furniture Mall of Texas

Who loves their couch? 🙋🏼‍♀️ As a fellow mama, and lover of my couch, I can say without hesitation how important this decision was for our family. To be able to choose a piece...

Remodeling during Covid

When Covid struck and we were first tucked away, our house was a refuge from the outside world. However, as I’m sure many of you can relate, you stare at the walls long enough...

Where do we begin? Gardening tips for after Austin’s Historic Snow and Ice

After the thaw, I stood in my backyard heartbroken and overwhelmed with our lawn. Where do I even begin? Everything looked dead, broken and unsalvageable. For over a week, my pollinator’s paradise stood paralyzed...
best planners

Best Planners for 2021

This year for Christmas, my husband bought me a new planner- best gift ever! I love things that give me the illusion of control of my life- planners, colored pens, stickers, to-do lists...a stationery...

9 Halloween Ideas That Don’t Involve Trick or Treating

9 Halloween Ideas That Don't Involve Trick or Treating If you’re not really into Trick or Treating this Halloween year, here are some spooky ideas to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve socially-distanced style: Carve Pumpkins this Halloween A...

Tips for Halloween Trick or Treating in the Era of Social Distancing

If you’re like me, you are probably LOVING the cooler weather and excited about Halloween being on a Saturday and during a rare Blue Moon! The stars have aligned for a fantastic evening of...
Eco-friendly Products

14 Favorite Eco-Friendly Products

I recently made a resolution to reduce the amount of waste we’re producing in our house, particularly single-use plastic. I have a long way to go on my journey to zero-waste living, but I’ve...