Just search “Spring Cleaning Checklist” and you’ll find plenty of comprehensive checklists from people who love to slide on those yellow rubber gloves and do some dirty work. I am not those people. I have made room in our family budget for a cleaning service, including a quarterly deep clean – so I’ll leave the actual scrubbing, soaking, and washing to the professionals. And by the way, cleaning professionals are no joke – if you don’t believe me just look at #cleantok on TikTok to go down the rabbit hole of cleaning content – ranging from quick hacks to hoarder houses. It’s good, clean fun. 

While I’m not a fan of dusting and sweeping, I am de-cluttering enthusiast –  and I don’t even need for it to be Spring in order to do so. 

Here’s a quick and dirty (literally for some) list of things I urge you to clean / edit / toss / recycle / re-organize ASAP. 

  • your junk drawer (including birthday candles that you’ve used before)
  • that bin that has extra sauce packets and straws
  • unmatched Tupperware lids
  • kids artwork that has no sentimental value
  • dried up markers & broken crayons
  • toys with missing / broken pieces
  • unmatched socks or earrings
  • anything you’ve been saving for a random craft project one day (I’m looking at you toilet paper rolls and apple sauce caps!)
  • taxes from more than 7 years ago (it’s so satisfying to get them shredded!)
  • Extra Target or HEB bags 
  • Old pet toys
  • Old makeup that you never wear 
  • Gift wrap or bags/tissue that don’t make you smile (it likely won’t anyone else!)
  • Plugs, cords, chargers (does anyone else’s husband hoard these!?)

And here are the things I lovvvvve to donate:

  • anything free/promotional from a conference or event
  • nursing bras / maternity clothes if you’re done having babies
  • clothes or accessories that are legitimately out of style / not age appropriate or – let’s be honest – not realistic for my “mother of 2” body
  • old towels or linens that have lost their luster 
  • Sports equipment we haven’t used in more than 2 years
  • Professional clothing that I know I’ll never wear again (highly recommend Dress for Success for these items!)
  • Old costumes and holiday decorations

While you’re on a roll, I also urge you to Spring Clean some digital clutter:

  • Phone notifications – turn off anything that pulls your attention that isn’t essential
  • Email newsletters or promotional offers – I love unsubscribing!
  • Anything you subscribe to and pay for ongoing that you’re kinda over – streaming services, subscription boxes, gym memberships, etc.
  • Social media profiles in your feed that annoy or trigger you (mute or unfollow!)
And ok, while you’re on a cleaning spree, here are a few more things to check in on:
  • Your time commitments – say bye to things that no longer bring you joy or add value to your family’s life
  • Your de-prioritization of your own needs – now’s the time to start some new, good habits (you know what you need to do – this is a sign to DO IT! Drink that water, get that workout in!)
  • Complaining, gossiping, and negative self-talk – we do it all even if we don’t realize it. This Spring while you’re cleaning your home, make sure to take a quick stop in front of that mirror you just windexed. Are you operating in alignment when your values? Is what goes on in your head and comes out of your mouth positive and constructive? If not, now’s the season to clean up your act.

What did I miss on this Spring Cleaning checklist? Let’s hear from you!


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