Healthy Restaurants

Healthy Restaurants and Places to Eat in Austin

Happy February, Mamas! If you’re anything like me, you are on detox from all the treats you consumed over Christmas and the Holidays and by now, your diet may or may not be going...

Mommin’ with Debilitating Migraines

I used to wake up in debilitating fear of when one of my next migraines would hit. They would often sneak up on me with no notice, take my sight and sanity, and leave...
Death of a Spouse

Preparing for the Unexpected Death of a Spouse

1 year ago today Kobe Bryant tragically passed away. Many of us watched the heart wrenching, but beautiful eulogy Vanessa Bryant gave in memory of her beloved husband and daughter and like many of...
Cervical Cancer Awareness

I Am One of the Lucky Ones: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

I am one of the lucky ones. My regular pap smear triggered a follow up call to tell me that abnormal cells were found and I would need a repeat, just to rule out...

Hair Loss, Fatigue, or Weight Gain? | National Thyroid Awareness Month

I would’ve scrolled passed this thyroid article with ease a few years back. Taking in the general title and thinking it wasn’t applicable, sending the information away. It sounds like something my mother would...

Texas’ Compassionate Use Program: Providing Medical Cannabis to Patients Across Our State

On February 8, 2018, I had the honor of being the first person in Texas to legally purchase low-THC medical cannabis from one of the three licensed and operating dispensaries in our state, Compassionate...
Lose Weight

Try a “Non-Diet” in 2021 to Lose Weight

Your neighbor lost weight eating paleo and you sister-in-law swears by Keto. Have you tried intermittent fasting yet? It’s all the rage. What about Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and have you heard of Noom?...

Score Major Mom Points at Spider Mountain

We had the Sunday Funday of our lives this week!! My hubs and I took the kids on a little "field trip" to Spider Mountain Bike Park to see what mountain biking down a...

5 Ways to a Stress-Free, Happy, and Healthy Family

It's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of daily life. So many changes are happening outside of the home and those changes can affect what happens in the home. And not...
Kitchen Gift Ideas

The Health Coach’s Guide to Kitchen Gifts

All right friends, hand up if you have been spending a lot more time in your kitchen this year? That’s everyone, right?!?! So, let’s kick off the holiday gift giving season with some healthy...