Bethany Farnsworth

Bethany Farnsworth is a human jungle gym, napkin, and personal shopper to her kids Peter, 3, and Lydia, 1. She met her husband at Baylor and moved from Waco to Houston to Dallas before finally settling in Austin in October 2019. She loves podcasts, iced coffee, uninterrupted bathroom time, traveling, coming home after traveling, and spending too much time planning activities that hold her kids' attention for 30 seconds. On a good weekend, you'll find her and her crew on a hiking trail or at a brewery -- you'll recognize them by the table full of toys and snacks. Read more at or @bethanyfarns on Instagram.

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Crowlers from Austin breweries

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Meet Bethany Farnsworth :: Magazine Editor to Coffee Lovin’ SAHM

Let me set the scene: A preschooler is dressed for a school pageant in a plastic Strawberry Shortcake smock, the pockets filled with notepads and pencils. Her parents are trying to convince her to leave...