Dance Studios

Best Dance Studios in Austin

Who doesn’t love the beauty of dance? If your family is like mine, we have occasional dance parties in the car, living room, name it. Dance is a true expression of...

TexARTS Summer Camps Registration is Open

At TexARTS in Lakeway, TX, you'll sing, dance, act, and create in our popular "Best of" musical theatre camps! In these week-long camps you'll have fun learning your favorite songs, scenes, and dances from...

Best Gymnastics Locations in Austin

Any mamas out there in Austin who cannot wait for the long awaited Summer Olympics 2020? The ones that are now being held in summer of 2021 due to the pandemic? Well,...
Meet Shani Montique-Ahmad

Austin Moms adds Shani Montique-Ahmad to the team

Hi, I'm Shani Montique-Ahmad. I am an Austin native born to Jamaican parents and have always loved to overindulge in many comforts at once like watching a movie surrounded by pillows, while under a...
italian food

Best Italian Food in Austin

I love to eat, cook, and write about Italian food. My grandmother was from Sicily and her family recipes introduced me to the wonders of real Italian cuisine. Classic Italian food is simple, delicious,...
Best Hikes With Kids In and Around Austin

Best Hiking With Kids In and Around Austin

I’m being surrounded. Noise assaults me from all sides. Exhaustion overwhelms me, and tension rises up threatening to explode. That’s when I know: I’ve got to get out of the house with these kids....
Spring Break

50 COVID-Friendly Activities for Spring Break

A year ago the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If someone had told me then that we would still be in the midst of it for Spring Break 2021, I would...
Spring Break

Quarantine Fatigue Busters: Spring Break 2021

Quarantine fatigue is real, y’all, I know. It is hard to believe that exactly one year ago, we left school for Spring Break (on a Friday the 13th eek!) and didn’t come back. Yikes....

Best Austin Patios for Springtime

You haven’t fully experienced Austin unless you have settled into a primo patio location to enjoy excellent food, colds drinks and indulged in a bit of people watching. Being a patio lizard is our...
wine bars

Best Wine Bars in Austin

Friday night dates are something my husband and I try to stick with on a weekly basis. We plan for them by lining up regular childcare and booking reservations in advance. If it's on...