Hi, I’m Jackie Pool and I’m so excited to be part of this amazing community! I am a bilingual Mexican and my accent does come out sometimes. We moved from Katy, Texas to the Austin area (KYLE) in May of 2022! I am just loving this part of Texas more each and every day! I went from working full time in a Pediatric Doctors Office for more than 5 years to becoming a SAHM and part time Nutrition Coach.

I decided to change from being a Medical Assistant to a Coach because I found it to be my purpose: truly helping women make simpler and better changes for their health. I started Happier You is a Healthier You due to everything that has transpired in the past couple of years. I also improved my own health after being severely overweight after my first son. Going through my weight loss journey and pregnancies I learned to develop good habits and keep a healthy relationship with my nutrition, my self-esteem and overall relationships.

I have been married to my husband for almost 13 years (lucky 13 in 2024)! We married very young and only dated 6 months before deciding to tie the knot. I was only 21 and according to a lot of our family “still a baby,” but we made it work and now have 3 very energetic boys! They are currently 9, 5 and 3 aka BOY MOM! Since moving here, I have worn all the hats that it takes to be a SAHM, which was very new to me since I had always been part of the full-time work force and have found a new appreciation for all the SAHMs.

We enjoy grilling out, Sunday football, pool days and we’re currently entering the soccer season with my oldest son so weekends get busy with soccer games. We love the outdoors, so you can find us camping or hiking as a family. ( Our favorite trail is the HILL of LIFE Trail by Barton Creek since its close and free parking)At this point in life, we have gone through a lot of changes, and we are here for it! My husband recently got a new job working from home. He has been in the car industry forever and it’s been a nice change having him around and more quality family time than ever before.

The best part of being here in Austin is that there is so many things to do! I’ve joined so many mom groups and have met so many new women who have inspired me. I am such an introvert, but I have made it a point since we moved here to be braver in going out to do things. I have taken pleasure in going to events whether they are woman walks, mom photoshoots, workouts or kid playdates! I really look forward to expanding my horizons here in Austin and aspire to bring more awareness on health, family and motherhood to Austin Moms Blog!

Austin Moms is thrilled to welcome Jackie Pool to the team!


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