Hi, I am Nina Golder and I am excited to be a new contributor to Austin Moms.  As a first generation Cambodian and introvert born and raised in Texas, I spent most of my life feeling different and trying to blend in.  I fell in love with the sport of ultimate frisbee while at college at the University of Texas ( Hook’Em!)  which taught me much about inclusion and authenticity. After moving to the Northeast, the sport led me to meeting my now husband who is my number one supporter. After 8 years away from Texas, my 30th birthday wish was to escape the snow and move back to the warmth of Texas. My Bostonian husband obliged, embraced the heat, and we moved home. We traded in city living, walkability and an 800 sq ft “house” in Philly with a suburban lifestyle, complete with mini-van.

My kids are now 12 ( going on 21), 10 and 5 and we are raising them with a wonderful support system, which is a non-negotiable as a corporate working mom . As a family, I would describe us as loud and adventurous. We love games, travel, camping, adventure, sarcasm and anything involving food.  I am excited to be contributing to a blog that I “grew up” on as a new parent and hope that I can offer some perspective as a veteran  mom and Austinite ( as much as I can call myself an Austinite as a resident of Leander).

Some fun and paradoxical facts about me:

  • I read 50 books a year- the more mindless the better, but I do partake in the occasional non-fiction business or self-improvement book to balance the scales.
  • I’m a Pisces and don’t like water. I like being around water (beach, boat, pools), especially in our hot Texas summers but I rarely get in. However, my kids are fish.
  • I am not a morning person, but I love to get things done in the morning because I love a sense of accomplishment more than I hate mornings.
  • Many people think I am an extrovert because I love throwing events and am often the last one to leave, but my preference most of the time is to binge Netflix or read a good book.
  • Although I am an engineer and very logical, I am intrigued by manifestation, crystals, and the universe.

I share these random facts, because after years of blending in and feeling like nothing should be shared if not perfect ( read: recovering perfectionist), I’ve accepted that some people find my experiences and quirks interesting. Every day I strive to fully embrace and enjoy my loud, messy, and very full life. When asked “how do you do it, all?” I am often confused by what “it” is or why people are asking me. If pressed I would answer “one step and one day at a time with an amazing support system of family and friends” or that “I am fueled by creating a better tomorrow for our children and also lots of caffeine,  good food, and yoga.”




Nina Golder
Nina Golder is an introvert engineer turned global technology executive and mom of three with unwavering support from her husband, Drew. A Texas native and avid Longhorn, Nina found herself on the East Coast post-college where she met her Bostonian husband and eventually convinced him to settle in Austin over 13 years ago. Nina would describe herself as a recovering perfectionist, STEM and gender equality advocate, foodie, and organizer of chaos. She is fully in her competitive sports mom era and on weekends you can find her at Tumbling and Trampoline meets and soccer tournaments all over Texas or adventuring and discovering Austin gems with her outdoorsy family. Her daughters are exploring their limits as tweens ( 12 and 10) and her five year old son is teaching her about all things boy. Nina is passionate about her involvement in the community and ensuring that education is a human right and building a strong pipeline of innovators and problem solvers through STEM education. She is actively involved with the Austin Science Education Foundation and Caring for Cambodia as a Board member as well as a champion for Girlstart programs. Nina’s other passion topics are the importance of self-care, authentic connection, and breaking things (from glass ceilings to generational cycles). You can follow her adventures on Instagram @modernbossmama



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