January is Self-Love Month. While we are still on a New Year Resolution high, most of us have begun to commit to losing weight or changing something about ourselves this year. In our eyes, these are things that will make us “better” and we all want to begin a new year that is better than the last. When we look at this from afar, self improvement (not to be confused with self development) is important but not the primary focus. 

As a mom you are a counselor, chauffeur, nurse, teacher, cook, maid, and so much more. What do all of these roles require? Not the perfect Summer bod, that’s for sure! More like a sound mind, body and spirit. Scales cannot tell you how kind or compassionate or creative you are and they surely can’t measure self worth.

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January is Self-Love month and not only is it a great month to sit and reflect, but after we prepped meals, organized family plans, shopped for family Christmas, made sure our littles had unforgettable memories to look back on, searched high and low for a jaw dropping gift for the MIL, somehow created headspace for work and clients, brought goodies for classmates, managed time to have a sit down dinner every night with the family and still also found time to celebrate birthdays that were in between holidays, it’s safe to say we need.a.break. And by break I mean give yourself some grace. 

It’s ok to not have a 5 course meal to feed your family. It’s ok to give your kids the tablet so that you can get work done. It’s ok to pass the baton to someone else to plan the upcoming birthday party. We are not perfect and there is nothing wrong with that. I have succumbed to the fact that I will never be anywhere on time. Will I beat myself up about it afterwards? No doubt, however that doesn’t mean that my self worth takes a hit but I am now aware and can take the proper precautions to improve.

It’s easy to encourage someone to love themselves but do you magically wake up one morning and decide to love yourself? Easier said than done- I get it. It takes time. Self-love is developing your capacity to be more aware, authentic and intentional in every aspect of your life.

So how do we make our way to having solid self esteem and happiness? Practicing self- love. Continuously claiming all of your who are. (Even the scary parts) Not only are you building greater self compassion but you will have the capacity to translate this to others. In order to evolve as a person this year and every year after, build meaningful and healthy relationships, have a positive attitude and body image and reach your goals, we have to practice self-love.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a homebody, yet I claim to not have any friends to get away with. By pushing myself out of my comfort zone (attending networking events, strolling fairs and markets in my area, becoming a member of Austin Moms, I started to really think if I was really a homebody to begin with. It was this idea I put into my own head that I was better and safer if I stayed at home and out of the way. In reality, I love meeting new people, exploring new parts of the city, and I rarely stay home. Don’t let an image that you have of yourself be what’s holding you back. 

I don’t like having the first word. I’m a bit awkward at times. I ramble when I’m nervous. I’m a bit feisty when need be. I have a drive like no other but sometimes require motivation. I’m a great planner and playing it by ear makes me anxious. I feel empowered when talking to like-minded individuals.

Doing more of what I enjoy, being aware of my weaknesses but also being authentic and intentional in my actions have been my leaders to self-love. Before committing to that new year resolution ask yourself if this is in alignment with your goals? Will this guide you on your journey to self-love or do you need to dig deeper? Start your self-love journey now as all it takes is a small act for you to find joy and harmony in your life. You are worth it.

As an entrepreneur and speaker, Bianca spends her days in a green spinny chair putting her creative peddle to the floor or booking marketing workshops with one hand while passing out snacks with the other. Her Business Make It Bloom Media is a digital marketing agency that helps women create a jaw-dropping brand aesthetic and build an unforgettable online presence that you may have seen on the CW Austin. Born and raised in Mason, Texas, Bianca got her first dose of wanderlust in 2015 when spontaneously making the move to Pennsylvania with her husband David. Since then, the two have traveled up the Northeast US every six months to a year in their RV before they realized a car seat would be an added accessory on future trips. To become closer to their families during this time, their landing inched nearer to their hometowns when finally landing in Austin in 2020. As a wife to an adventure enthusiast and mom to 2 energizer bunnies, you can often catch them frequenting Austin parks, farmers markets, festivals, the lake, diving into DIY projects, and throwing steaks on the grill. Follow her journey on Instagram at @biancasegundo_ or @makeitbloommedia


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