If you’re a mom and you have a body (so all of us), chances are you are not quite as happy in your body as maybe you once were.  Our little ones have given us extra rolls, stretch marks, droopy parts, and with that – potentially a little more insecurity flaunting our bods pool side. If you can’t get out of your head and into your swimsuit, you could be missing out on some amazing memories with your babies.

Here are 3 ways to shift your mindset and have a plan of action to actually look forward to your water wear.

Invest in a Suit You Absolutely LOVE (in the size you are NOW!)

It’s easy to put off buying a new swimsuit when you aren’t feeling great in your skin, especially one that requires a bit more of an investment than one from Amazon or Target. However, if there’s one thing that’s worth every penny – it’s confidence.  I invested in 2 suits from Summersalt and I have never regretted it. Every time I have to take my daughter to swimming lessons or water play date, I actually look forward to putting my suit on because it’s so flattering on me and I know that I’ll be able to enjoy myself with her in the water. It’s important to buy the suit in the current size you are – even if you plan to lose weight or tone up (or even get a little mommy makeover – no judgment here). No one knows the size inside the garment you’re wearing, but your child will definitely notice if you say no to sharing in their water fun! While you’re shopping, get a fabulous cover up, hat, sandals, and beach bag – you deserve it all.

Do Your Hair and Makeup for Pool Time

Hear me out. I know sometimes getting out the door is whole job in and of itself – to remember all-the-things you need to bring for a successful water adventure, but take an extra half hour before the kids wake up to do your hair and makeup before a water day. We all feel better about ourselves when we look polished and put together. If our “neck up” look good, then automatically you feel better about the “neck down.”

Be Totally Present With Your Little Swimmers

Now this one takes more work and commitment – you really have to drop-in with your kids when it’s swimming time – not only for their safety but for them to feel truly loved, seen, and emotionally safe as well. If you’re only thinking about your stomach, cellulite, or jiggly parts, you could be missing out on the real stuff of life. As a mom to two daughters, I also remind myself that they are watching everything I do – and though it may not seem like they are picking up on my insecurity, over time it can send a message that I don’t intend. I want them to love themselves – and that starts with me loving me!  So, now’s the perfect time to turn on Do Not Disturb, put your phone away and show up in real time for your children. You’ll be so glad you did!

So glad I wore the  swimsuit!


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