Why Do I Eat Clean But My Kid Eats Junk?

Why Do I Eat Clean But My Kid Eats Junk? I was an overweight kid. I was 10 when I was put on my first "diet"  by my pediatrician. I remember feeling ashamed and embarrassed...

I Do NOT Want My Son To Play Football

I Do NOT Want My Son To Play Football At the risk of being kicked out of Texas, I will admit that I do NOT want my son to grow up playing football. I feel...

I Tried The Diva Cup And Here Is My Review

I Tried The Diva Cup And Here Is My Review  I'm sure you've been hearing about lots about alternative feminine products these days. A friend of mine has been raving about her Diva cup and she...

I Have Become My Mother!

I Have Become My Mother! You guys. I have done something I said I would never do: I have become my mother! I’m sure this is a vow many of us have made throughout our...

20 Restaurants In Austin With A Playground

20 Restaurants in Austin With a Playground 1. Hat Creek Burger Company (Burnet) 2. Hat Creek Burger Company (Westlake) 3. Hat Creek Burger Company at the Domain  4. Phil's Ice House (South Lamar)  5. Phil's Ice House (Burnet) 6. Phil's Ice House...
things to do this summer in Austin

Top 50 Things To Do This Summer in Austin

It won’t be long until the long hot days of summer are upon us. Whether you’ve lived in Austin for a long time or are new to this city, here are the top 50...
Toys “R” Us

Goodbye Toys “R” Us. You Will Be Missed

Do you remember the excitement of getting a Toys “R” Us catalog in the mail? My mom would hand me a marker and ask me to circle what toys I wanted for Christmas. Of...
kid-friendly SXSW

Kid-Friendly Guide to SXSW 2018

Ah how I long for the days of heading out for SXSW with no agenda. Just the goal to check out some new bands, drink beer and get free swag. Actually, I AM looking...
Jessica Pareti

Meet Jessica Pareti

Jessica Pareti, New 2018 Contributor Growing up, I always knew if I had a son I would name him Austin after my grandfather. Little did I know, 20 years later I’d be living in a city...