50+ Places to Host Your Child’s Next Birthday Party in Austin

Birthdays are a true occasion to celebrate the little ones in our lives, but can we be honest for a moment? Planning a child’s birthday party to be hosted at home can be overwhelming and sometimes, before you know it, the little party you’ve organized has quickly ballooned into an all out extravaganza of epic proportions. (That’s not just us….right??) In an attempt to ease some of the stress of putting a party together and to prevent you from feeling like a used up piñata, here are over 50 ideas for where to celebrate your child’s next birthday NOT at your home but instead somewhere fun in our awesome city!

If you want to party like an animal or WITH animals:

These places will get your party guests moving:

Keep cool with these indoor locations:

And finally, some other creative, LOCAL, homemade and/or extra party options:

We hope you enjoy these fun places to celebrate your kiddos all over town…wish them a Happy Birthday from us!

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  1. This is a great list with a ton of fun birthday venues and activities. In light of Covid-19, we have added some great birthday party rental packages that are great options for those wanting a fun and safe party at home.


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